Prior to the last few months, my entire understanding of “The Hamptons” came from the OG Gossip Girl, who famously said "Think Park Avenue but with tennis whites and Bain de Soleil." Spoiler alert, imagine Penn Badgley saying that in his broody, tortured soul who, *gasp,* lives in Brooklyn voice. Ah, simpler times.

However, I recently started following Hamptons Private Chef TikTok. Which, TBH, hasn’t really changed my mental image of The Hamptons, but now there’s food involved, and I’m rooting for the chefs.

What is Hamptons Private Chef TikTok?

I’d been seeing various Hamptons private chefs popping up on my FYP over the last few months, especially Meredith of Wishbone Kitchen. But Hamptons Private Chef TikTok was really solidified by this hilarious video from @pamelawurstvetrini. It sets up various Hamptons Private Chef TikTokers in a faux-reality show format — Top Chef: Hamptons Private Chef Edition, “a reality competition television series that none of these contestants signed up for and I am the sole judge, and I do not get to consume any of the food.”

These private chef TikTokers work full or part time prepping beautiful and delicious meals for wealthy families on the East End of Long Island, sharing aesthetic videos of their day. They make beautiful dishes from clients' lush gardens, shop for ingredients at overpriced Hamptons grocery stores, and complete other such glamorous but difficult tasks.

So, in preparation for this season, let’s introduce our contestants.

1. Meredith: @wishbonekitchen

Not to flex or anything, but I actually got to talk to Meredith over zoom for like 5 minutes a few weeks ago, so I feel a real connection to her, ya know? But in all seriousness, Meredith is the OG Hamptons Private Chef TikToker — she’s hilarious, she’s down-to-earth, and her food looks incredible. Plus, she created her own CAVA bowl. Icon behavior. She gained a following last year when sharing her weekend trips out to her clients’ house in the Hamptons, and we’ve been looking forward to her summer recipes ever since.

2. Seth @sethboylan

Seth is the newbie, the underdog if you will, who (at the time of writing) has only posted 11 TikTok videos. But he’s coming in hot with some great content. Also, in a mysterious twist he rarely reveals his face. Which leaves us to obsess over his arm tats (is it an onion? Garlic? I MUST KNOW).

3. Kara @karafauerbach

Kara’s beautiful, well-edited montages of dishes like “pistachio raspberry tart” and “pea and potato salad with shallot, garlic, lemon zest, and mascarpone” will have your mouth watering, but she also keeps it real with videos about the merits of foods I actually eat, like cottage cheese and Trader Joe’s mochi. Plus, she gets bonus points for her adorable nephew

4. Rob @broccoliraab

The mysterious, hot Rob has yet to utter a single word in his beautifully crafted videos, opting instead for musical accompaniment. Very good musical accompaniment, but still. We need more information! Where is this beautiful house? Who is this beautiful person? How did he get here? Why is his food so gorgeous? How did he come up with such a clever TikTok handle?

5. Diane @iandoliravioli

In a refreshing contrast to Rob, Diane actually narrates her videos and gives recipes and explanations of dishes. I mean, I could still never make them, but at least I feel like I kind of understand what’s happening? Plus, her dog Mortie is named after mortadella. Come onnnnnn.

6. Juliana @plateinprogress

In addition to delicious-looking foods, Juliana also shares practical cooking tips and adorable clips of her cat. And she gets bonus points for making a video with the corn song. If you haven’t watched the corn song, please go watch the corn song. Iconic.

Okay, now that we’ve established all our contestants I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode of Top Chef: Private Chef in the Hamptons. Catch me trying to make my own fancy looking tomato pie (galette?) because all this beautiful food content is making me hungry.