The Hamptons have always had a place in my heart. Since I was a toddler screaming in my mother's arms, I have been traveling down the LIRR to the Hamptons. In each Hampton, there are amazing eats that you can enjoy with your friends and family. If you're in the mood for ice cream, check out Scoop Du Jour, but if you want some bomb bagels before you depart head to Goldberg's

My stomach is already growling for another adventure to the legendary Clam Bar. For whatever mood you're in, the Hamptons is quick to accommodate. Check out my top picks for some of the best eats in the Hamptons.

1. Babette's

One word that can always wake me up in the morning is "brunch." Babette's always knows how to curb my appetite with something relatively healthy before I head off for the day. Located in East Hampton, Babette's is a must for all breakfast goers, serving daily specials and amazing egg white omelettes.  The restaurant emphasizes eating clean and fresh cuisine, from perfectly poached eggs to healthy smoothies. 

2.  Wölffer Kitchen

It's Wine O'Clock! If you want impeccable wine selections and some Instagrammable pics, head to  Wölffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor or Amagansett. As the first winery-owned kitchen/wine bar in the Hamptons, it's a hit for wine lovers near and far. Serving delicious dishes like crab cake and truffle fries, you can always enjoy a new special at Wölffer Kitchen. A fan wine favorite is the Grapes of Roth Merlot, or if you're looking for something more basic, the rosé always does the trick. 

3. Serafina East Hampton

If you're in the mood for some yummy Italian, head to Serafina's in East Hampton. If it's a nice night out, Serafina's outdoor seating overlooks the town and is perfect viewing for the sunset. The restaurant even has its own bottled wine; the sparkling rosé is among a fan favorite. Serving appetizing cuisine such as the truffle pizza to other dishes like its Bronzino and burrata, Serafina's is a top choice of high-end Italian cuisine.

4. La Fondita

Are you in the mood for Mexican? Then head on over to La Fondita. As a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, La Fondita is a favorite bite amongst Hamptons-goers. Translated as "little kitchen," La Fondita, located in Amagansett serves savory tapas and street-inspired food. With a fun and friendly vibe, La Fondita is a must to dine at. Some of their incredible creations include their tacos, guac/chips combo, and their quesadilla options. They even include vegetarian options if you're a vegetarian or a picky eater like myself. They will top off your food with fresh salsa.

5. Sen Sag Harbor

Something I can't live without is sushi. If you haven't seen my last article, I am a sushi fanatic. At Sen Sag Harbor, I can find my sushi haven. From its incredible rock shrimp tempura to its grilled salmon, Sen Sag Harbor is one of the best sushi spots in the Hamptons and it can get crowded on busy nights. Even if you're not a sushi lover, Sen includes other incredible Japanese cuisine such as its legendary "summer roll" and its miso soup for two (possible date night?). 

6. Duryea's Lobster Deck

Known as one of the best dining views in all of the Hamptons, Duryea's Lobster Deck in Montauk is great for all devoted sunset lovers, where you can sit at old-fashioned picnic tables while soaking up the beach. Duryea's serves affordable seafood and American food. Some of the best dishes include their stuffed clams, lobster rolls, sweet/savory potato chips, and their jumbo shrimp. If you want to include something extra special before the sunset hits, get their bottle of wine of choice, Forstreiter. Most importantly, don't forget to Instagram the sunset #forthegram!

7. Nick & Toni's

If you want some delicious pasta and other Italian greatness, then go to Nick & Toni's. Ever since I was young, I've always gone to Nick & Toni's in East Hampton. Their warm Italian bread and one-of-a-kind zucchini chips are not to miss. With stellar presentation and friendly staff, Nick & Toni's makes every customer feel as though they are enjoying a plate of potato gnocchi on the streets of Florence. Other customer-favorite dishes include the spaghetti with mushrooms and the scallops with risotto. 

8. East Hampton Grill

One of my favorite Hamptons outings is East Hampton Grill. If you want to splurge, then put on your nicest summer plaid dress for East Hampton Grill. With an array of fresh seafood including tuna tartare, East Hampton is a fan-favorite. With its beautiful decorations including its fireplace, East Hampton Grill epitomizes Hamptons sophistication. Favorites of East Hampton Grill include its fried oysters, its BBQ ribs, and key lime pie to end the night.

9. Levain Bakery 

My favorite part of the night is dessert. If you want some of the best ice cream and warm melted gooey chocolate chip cookies go to Levain Bakery. Levain Bakery, located in Wainscott, includes one of the best chocolate chip cookie and milk combos I have ever tasted. They also have a chocolate chip walnut cookie if you're feeling extra special. Even if you aren't a huge chocolate chip fan, Levain includes other pastry selections such as a selection of strawberry and blueberry-filled muffins.

10. Shock Ice Cream

Another one of my favorite ice cream places is Shock. Located in West Hampton, Shock is an iconic ice cream staple. Shock includes top tier ice cream flavors including mint moose tracks and oatmeal creme pie ice cream (delish). Even if your stomach isn't dairy-friendly, Shock includes dairy-free ice creams that are as delicious as if you were having actual ice cream.

11. Pierre's

If you wake up early enough and want to beat the rest of the East Hampton crowd, then stroll over to Pierre's. Located off Main Street, with its chill and calming ambience, Pierre's captures exquisite French cuisine (even if you're not at the Eiffel Tower). Some of their delicious breakfast cuisine includes the goat cheese omelette, fruit smoothies, and its almond croissant. Next to Pierre's is its own bakery where you can grab some other breakfast goodies for the beach.

12. Luigi's

How do you achieve the best Hamptons beach day? Head to Luigi's and get some salads, snacks, and sandwiches to go. With affordable prices and fun snacks to choose from, the hidden Italian gem seals every beach adventure one grilled chicken focaccia sandwich at a time. One of my favorite sandwiches from Luigi's is the roasted vegetable sandwich with balsamic, eggplant and mozzarella. As one of the best Italian take outs, the portions are easy to share and to enjoy on Main or Two Mile Hollow Beach.

13. The Clam Bar

One of the best clams and lobster salad rolls I have ever tasted is at The Clam Bar in Amagansett. Coined as an American icon, it is a difficult restaurant to miss out on. With its outdoor seating to its unique location, the Clam Bar is best to enjoy with friends and family. With options including fish taco appetizers to share for $13 and an order of yummy clam strips topped with  spicy crab chowder, The Clam Bar cannot be missed. Don't forget it's cash only, so make sure to bring all the dollar bills to cash out on some exquisite seafood platters.

14. Sydney's Taylor Made Cuisine

What's the best way to relax and unwind by the pool while you're catching up on that new August Vogue? The answer is Sydney's Cuisine. Serving the best of the best gourmet food on West Hampton, Sydney's creates speciality sandwiches that are worth the bite. Besides their variety of sandwiches and wraps, Sydney's even includes delicious brunch selections including the berry stuffed french toast. Their fresh homemade salads are also a customer favorite including fresh mozzarella and chilled grilled salmon. To soak up the sun, try the "Beach Wrap." 

15. 75 Main

Last but not least, we have 75 Main: my favorite lunchtime and nighttime dining option in the heart of South Hampton. With a classy, fun, and upbeat energy, 75 Main is a great way to top off your Hamptons weekend. Much of 75 Main's cuisine can speak for itself. Favorites include its traditional Maine classic lobster roll, prime black truffle burger, and an assortment of appetizing sides of chopped potato and ricotta pillows (YUM). Paired with Italian wine selections and perfectly-cooked pappardelle, South Hampton-goers give 75 Main a huge thumbs up. 75 Main is additionally open for brunch, so try the Crabcake Benedict if you're up for it.

So next time you're in West, East, South or Sag Harbor, try one of my many recommendations. At any time of the day in the Hamptons, there's always a new restaurant to explore. Save a bite of crispy rice from Sen for me!