Like most summery beach towns, the Hamptons are filled with ice cream shops, thus making ice cream consumption one of the most important activities out east. After all, nothing goes with a sun dress as well as an ice cream cone! Here's everything you need to know about the Hamptons' best ice cream, sorted by town from West to East. 

Westhampton: Shock Ice Cream & Dessert Cafe 

Westhampton is a very ice cream-oriented town, more so than the rest on this list. The nightlife here consists of a walk around town with a sweet treat in hand. While Westhampton has everything from fro-yo to Ben & Jerry's to Häagen-Daz, Shock is the spot for creative concoctions and homemade flavors. They never miss a dessert trend, including but not limited to cotton candy clouds and bubble waffle cones. 

Southampton: Sant Ambroeus

The town of Southampton is one of the best for shopping. Sant Ambroeus is the spot for rich Italian gelato and sorbet. Take a break from shopping to indulge in the refreshing raspberry sorbet. Or, finish your Italian dinner with rich hazelnut gelato.

Bridgehampton: Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen is a classic luncheonette that has been around forever. Their food is as greasy as your childhood diner's, so don't expect kale. The best part of Candy Kitchen is their homemade ice cream counter in the front. It's one of the only places in the Hamptons where you can eat a grilled cheese sandwich followed by a milkshake in your sweats. 

Sag Harbor: BuddhaBerry 

Sag Harbor is the best town for dinner and a stroll by the water. BuddhaBerry frozen yogurt is not only the perfect nightcap but is also an experience in itself. The toppings are endless and the flavors are far more creative than the typical Pinkberry or 16 Handles

They have everything from vegan matcha fro-yo and hemp seeds to anything you can imagine covered in chocolate. 

Sag Harbor: Big Olaf's 

Also in Sag Harbor, Big Olaf's consistently yields a huge line, probably because you can smell the homemade waffle cones from the street. If you are craving more than fro-yo, Big Olaf's is the spot for homemade scoops. 

East Hampton: Scoop Du Jour

If you've heard of the Hamptons, you have probably heard of or seen pictures of Scoop Du Jour. This spot in town has become the single most photographed spot for ice cream in all of Long Island. While the ice cream itself is just as good as the rest on this list, Scoop Du Jour's claim to fame is a huge chunk of chocolate chip cookie dough atop the cold treat. 

There's no wrong answer to eating ice cream in the summer. If you're craving something a little more savory, check out the 18 Things to Eat in the Hamptons Before You Die.