The wise Carrie Bradshaw once said, "‘I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet." I hate to burst your bubble,  Bradshaw, but money can be spent on other amazing and delicious things like sushi.

Yes, you heard it right, S-U-S-H-I. Sushi, one of my favorite beyond favorite meals is hitting Time Square. Most of my friends classify me as a sushi addict, as much of my meals depend on the savory taste of salmon, spicy mayo sauce, and eel. I hold the belief that there is a sushi roll for every type of eater (picky or not), near and far away from home, New York City. Each borough puts its own creative spin on making sushi masterpieces. Here are my top sushi hotspots from the Upper East Side to downtown Soho.

1. Something Simple: KazuNori

If your'e a picky eater, like I can be sometimes, KazuNori is the perfect restaurant for you. Serving only hand rolls, it allows each individual to find a sizable roll that suits their tastebuds. If you find yourself jaywalking around the Flat Iron District and want to quickly escape the NYC frenzy, then walk (or Taxi or Uber, if you're lazy) to KazuNori. With items like freshly made hand lobster rolls, KazuNori does not disappoint. KazuNori successfully creates simplicity and divinity in their sushi creations.

2. Grab-n-Go: Bondi Sushi

Located near Broadway at the Flat Iron on 28th street, Bondi Sushi makes each and every sushi lover's experience unique and delicious. If you're looking for a quick and easy place, Bondi Sushi is the place for you. From their signature combination box choice, Bondi Sushi is quick and easy to select your favorite sushi rolls. Each and every box is uniquely packaged and Instagram worthy. Having a cool blue aesthetic, Bondi Sushi transports you to Bondi Beach in Australia. Known for their

truffle avocado roll, Bondi Sushi creates the freshest of the freshest rolls by having local fish shipped daily.

3. Breakfast Meets Sushi: Poketeria

Have you ever craved sushi, even at 8:30 A.M.? Trust me, I have. To cure that craving, you can find sushi in the shape of a donut at Poketeria. Poketeria creates satisfying sushi meals in non-traditional ways. From sushi donuts to nachos, you can enjoy the food, one bite of sushi at a time. Located in Midtown by Madison Avenue, you can take a quick break from shopping on Madison Ave. to enjoy a Sushi donut (and Instagram if you must). Poketeria's legendary sushi donut is served on the weekends, and isn't too expensive. If your'e feeling adventurous, try the Omega-3 that comes with salmon, edamame, sweet onion, masago, and fried garlic with a sauce of your liking.

4. A Break from the Park: Koi @ Bryant Park

If your'e relaxing and people watching at Bryant Park and want to take a quick sushi break, walk to Koi on 40th street. With a central location, Koi is easy to spot and find for non-city goers. Known for their crispy rice, Koi keeps your taste buds calm, cool, and collected. Known also for mixing old style Japanese cuisine with a new modern twist, Koi creates epic sushi rolls. While Koi can get unreasonably crowded, it is best to go during an off hour (2:00 PM-3:00 PM) for bites to eat. Each appetizer, like the truffle dumplings, and entree dish exceeds all expectations.

5. Broadway Edition: Sushi by Bou

Known for its secret and hole-in-the-wall location, Sushi by Bou is a favorite amongst theater goers. In the Theater District, Sushi by Bou keeps your stomach full even during the intermission. Having only nine seats in total, Sushi by Bou is in high demand for sushi lovers. Each tuna variation is meticulously designed, such as the fatty tuna and Toro. With a hip and young vibe to it, Sushi by Bou's atmosphere makes each customer feel welcomed by the staff. Offering affordable prices for a large amount of fresh fish, Bou is a must for every Broadway lover. Known for its tasty and well-balanced rice, Sushi by Bou is the place to be before you see a show.

6. Shopping in Soho: Bondst

Walking around Soho with your newest pair of flats that you haven't broken in yet, and holding too many shopping bags to count, leaves you tired and your stomach grumbling. One of the hottest high-end sushi dinner getaways in the Soho area is Bondst. Located in the heart of Soho on Bond Street, Bondst's iconic big eye Tuna Tarts is difficult to skip. With a low lighting and a calming vibe, Bondst is the best place to go to finish off your shopping spree. Each unique dish served like the spicy cauliflower and the red snapper tacos will leave your stomach wanting more. If you're feeling up to it (**correction: if your stomach is feeling up to it**), the desserts at Bondst like the jelly donuts and the bread pudding are to die for

7. Lunch @ the Met: Amber Upper East

Located on the Upper East Side, right near the Met, Amber Upper East gives Blair Waldorf a run for her money. Known for their incredible dish, the toro lounge, Amber Upper East has one of the freshest and most appetizing sushi selections. There is even a bonus to dining at Amber Upper East as they give a complimentary appetizer. You can taste the quality of the fish one salmon and Uni roll at a time. Each unique platter like the tuna, salmon, and yellow fish platter is fresh and seared to perfection. Described as a "magic island" within the busy lifestyle of NYC, it will become a favorite sushi spot for you and your friends. The lunch special for only $11 gives you a wide range of selections from chicken to mouthwatering appetizers/rolls like a California roll or Gyoza.

8. Treat Yo Self: Sushi of Gari 

Last but not least, Sushi of Gari. If you're looking for exquisite sushi with a no budget mindset, Sushi of Gari is the place to be. Sushi of Gari charges you by the piece, and will only stop serving you once your stomach and your iPhone camera has had enough. Located on the Upper East Side, Sushi of Bari's complex and fresh sushi arrangements have your stomach smiling on the inside and out. The nigiri pieces are known to be stellar, and signature sushi dishes like the toro and giant crab are a crowd favorite. If you want to try Omakase (letting the chef choose your order), you're in for a wild ride of the best sushi of your life. If you want to let yourself loose and relax, the plum wine is a great add on.

And there you have it. The best eight (in my opinion) sushi dining options in the five boroughs of NYC. Sushi has always had a spot in my heart, and I hope it will for you too on your next visit to the big apple. Next time you're in the city, I hope to see you with your shopping bags at Bondst or at Koi after a long sunny day at Bryant Park.