Gigi Hadid is famous for many things, from her fabulous modeling career and her picture perfect Instagram, to her relationship with Zayn Malik and friendship with Kendall Jenner. However, what many people don't know is that Gigi is also a foodie at heart. Lucky for us, she often recommends her favorite restaurants and dishes in interviews and posts on social media. So, whether you want to live it up like her, enjoy a delectable meal or maybe even bump into Gigi for a selfie, here are nine restaurants you can visit that Gigi has low-key recommended online: 

1.  J.G. Melon

Gigi Hadid is known to love a burger now and then. Last year on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," she said during her first year in NYC she tasted 52 burgers in order to find the best one. Her favorite, she revealed, is the burger at J.G Melon because it's very simple, comes with a few veggies and most importantly, according to her, the place "doesn't try too hard." Hence, making it the best in the city. 

2. The Butcher's Daughter 

Who doesn't love brunch? The Butcher's Daughter is Gigi's go-to brunch spot in the city. The plant-based restaurant has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, from the classic Smashed Avocado Toast to a Coconut Yogurt Parfait. Gigi says the Spicy Kale Caesar Salad is a must. 

3. Emack and Bolio's 

Emack and Bolio's is a dessert lover's dream come true. Their ice cream and yogurt comes in creative flavors with even more creative names. The Grasshopper Pie is Gigi's personal choice — it's a culmination of Crème De Menthe Liqueur with chocolate flakes and chunks of Oreo. 

4. The Smile

The Smile, right around the corner from her apartment, is a great place for a scrumptious breakfast or a quick lunch. To start the morning right, Gigi told Harper's Bazaar that she always goes for their scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. To quench her thirst she has both the freshly squeezed orange juice and a much-needed cup of joe. For lunch, she recommends the arugula salad. 

5. Tamarind Tribeca 

Her boyfriend Zayn (you've probably heard of him) introduced her to Tamarind Tribeca, a luxurious Indian eatery, and she's been a fan ever since. Its menu is a mixture of dishes such as Chana Pindi, Lamb Vindaloo and Goat Biryani — each coming from various regions of India and are cooked using rich flavorful spices. 

6. Gemma

Gemma is a celebrity hangout at The Bowery Hotel. This exquisite Italian restaurant has been recommended by Gigi on social media numerous times. They have a variety of dishes, including pizza and crostini with creamy truffled mushroom, ricotta and sun-dried tomato, olive tapenade and goat cheese and more. 

7. All About The Bread

sandwich, lettuce, tomato, bread, bun, cheese, ham, chicken, mayonnaise, meat
Photo courtesy of Gigi Hadid @ChefBoyarG on Wine n Dine app

Seriously, who isn't all about bread? We know Gigi is. She has shown off The Godfather sandwich from All About The Bread in Los Angeles on the Wine n Dine app a couple of times. Can you blame her? That thing looks delicious.  

8. BondST

When Gigi wants a night out on the town with some friends she visits BondST. She often enjoys its vast selection of high-end sushi and of course, its innovative cocktails and drinks. Isn't that what makes it a night to remember? 

9. Made Fresh Daily 

Made Fresh Daily, a sandwich shop in the city, is your classic lunch spot. Nobody can beat the Curried Tuna Sandwich, the Turkey Sandwich or the Vermont Ham Melt. Gigi too adores the sandwiches as on her Instagram she posted a picture of this relishing delight and captioned it "hello beautiful." 

As you eat your way through the list of places she has recommended on social media don't forget to follow her motto: "Eat clean to stay fit. Eat a burger to stay sane.”