Some of us are familiar with that magical feeling, almost like butterflies in your stomach. The doorbell rings and you open the door and the delivery person hands you a bag full of goodness. Sushi is a mouth-watering, extremely delicious and addictive food that brings happiness to many. How do you know when you're the type of person who is capable of experiencing sushi withdrawal? Note some signs of addiction below.

1. Every time your friends order out you recommend sushi. 

The answer to, "Guys what should we get for dinner tonight?" is always the same. Whenever you have the option to order for delivery, you instantly begin annoying your friends until they ultimately give in and you all order from your closest sushi place. 

2. You know the difference between nigiri, maki, sashimi, and sushi

Since you're constantly eating this tasty food, you know the different kinds of rolls you can order. To some these words are foreign, but you are proficient in the sushi language.

3. You have "your order"

You know what you want, and you get it every time you order sushi. Certain rolls are more attractive to your tastebuds and you formulate an order that even the restaurant begins to memorize you get it so often. 

4. It never gets old. Ever.  

Being sick and tired of eating sushi is next to impossible for you. If you could, you would eat it everyday for the rest of your life.

5. You remind people repetitively how healthy it is

You're convinced that the more sushi rolls, the less stomach rolls. Even though this food tends to be high in sodium, it definitely is a good source of protein and has fatty acids that has cardiovascular benefits. You'll tell someone listening how healthy sushi is every time you consume it

6. Your bank constantly emails you

If you order sushi a lot, your bank account may be slightly sacrificed in order to feed into your cravings due to sushi's slightly expensive nature. It's worth it though, right?

7. You're a pro at using chopsticks 

Since you have had so much practice, chopsticks become a skill that you can't wait to show off when you go to a Japanese restaurant. Once you master this, nothing seems impossible.

8. Your mouth waters looking at this picture

If you relate to any of these, you're probably addicted to sushi. Luckily, this habit is easily one of the most delicious to have!