Of the seven ink sessions I've had, two of them are food tattoos. One is colorful stick-and-poke olive branch, while the other is an outline of a knife, whisk, and rolling pin. As a food editor and someone who lives to eat, I want like a million more. I don't want someone to walk by me and not know that I am obsessed with all things food. And for inspiration for said tattoos, I look to Instagram.

I can't be the only one searching for delicious tattoo inspiration. So, I compiled this list of some of my favorite tattoos artists from around the world who ink beautiful and tasty works of art.

1. Strawberry Ice Cream Popsicle

This strawberry popsicle by Paris-based artist Isis Morrison has a super cool translucent look to it that features slices of pink strawbs. It's vibrant and mouthwatering and everything I want in a food-themed tattoo.

2. Spaghetti Fork

For all the carb-loving spaghetti slurpers out there, what better way to honor your love than through a tattoo? This one by artist Wicky Nicky is the perfect ode to fettuccine, linguini, or bucatini.

3. Dumpling

Dumplings! We love them. We need them. We should get tattoos of them. The manicured hands, the chopsticks, and the dumpling drawn by artist ESL Student — it's the perfect way to show love to the stuffed dough.

4. Seltzer Water

Sparkling water and seltzer girlies, unite! Get your love for the bubble beverage permanently tattooed on your body. You could go for the can or the bottle, as artist Priya did for this person did, and add in some color. You could apply this inspo to any of your fave drinks like Diet Coke.

beer, ale, cake
Olivia Buckley

5. Artichoke

The beautiful black and white detail to this artichoke will make even thistle-haters want to get the vegetable tattooed on them. It's by Naor Aviv, whose IG feed is full of super intricate tats, including this very cool fish.

6. Bagel & Lox

True New Yorkers can show the world their love of bagels and lox with this tattoo. Vancouver-based artist Harry Color brings the chewy poppy seed bagel to life with glossy cured salmon and a layer of cream cheese. Are you drooling?

7. Little Lemon

As someone who loves lemons and full color tattoos, this beautiful piece of citrus is on my list. The vibrancy and bold choice of color is a hallmark from Zihong, a tattoo artist in Seoul, Korea. It has a painted look that makes me want to snack on lemons.

8. Little Lime

Same type of tattoo but a different vibe. The subtle black outline of this lime and color in some area and not others give the tattoo a cool cartoon vibe. It's from the brain of Shannon Wolf, based in Portland. Road trip, anyone?