Whether you call it seltzer, bubble water, or club soda, finding the best sparkling water can be a challenge. Sparkling water can be many things to different people. It can be a fun way to get your water intake for the day. It could help in kicking a soda habit. It may even count simply as a fun drink without the added calories.

There are so many sparkling water brands and flavors available that it's easy to encounter a bottle with less than appreciable fizz or a strange aftertaste. Coming from someone who's had her fair share, the best sparkling water has a clean taste and noticeable punch from the bubbles. If the water is flavored, a subtle essence of the flavor should add to the drink rather than overwhelm it. The water should still feel like water. I've listed the best sparkling water brands below in no particular order to help you find the perfect water for you. 

1. Voss

This artisan crafted water gets points simply for its appealing aesthetics. Not to make it all about the container, but the sleek, streamlined glass bottle is just great to look at. The water itself is excellent for those who like a distinct sparkle without the bubbles being too much. The drink starts out as regular water when you first take a sip, and as it sits in your mouth, it starts to fizz. Think of it as a refined sparkling water. The taste of the water is clean, the calorie count is zero, and it's low in sodium.

#SpoonTip: Lemon Cucumber is my favorite flavor, as the hint of lemon complements the cool cucumber perfectly.

2. Glacéau Smartwater Sparkling

This brand's bubbles are on the other side of the spectrum from Voss in that they pack a big punch. As soon as the cap is cracked open, the distinct fizz can be heard. It's almost overwhelming the first time you drink it since it's more bubbly than soda. Since it's Smartwater, the main claim of the brand is that the water contains electrolytes and uses vapor distillation. There are flavored versions of this brand of sparkling water, but they're not widely available in stores.

3. LaCroix

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Mackenzie Patel

It'll be difficult to get bored of LaCroix since the brand has a large variety of flavors. Of the sparkling waters on this list, the bubbles in LaCroix are softer and tend to froth in the mouth. These can be a bit addictive, allowing for a type of binge drinking and continuous burping. Although I like the Pure regular flavor the most, the Tangerine gives a great citrus taste. Most LaCroix enthusiasts rave over their Pamplemousse (fancy for grapefruit) flavor.

4. San Pellegrino

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As the mineral water of the bunch, San Pellegrino has a different taste from the other waters on this list. These bubbles are smaller, and a mineral taste is present. To those unaccustomed to mineral water, it can seem salty or even sour.

San Pellegrino is one of the sparkling water brands whose fruit flavors rank higher than the original version. The blood orange is a great flavor to try for the full-bodied flavor that comes from freshly squeezed oranges. The main downside of these flavored options is that they have calories due to the sugars they contain. San Pellegrino is the closest to juice or soda that you can get with these sparkling waters.

5. Perrier

Perrier is another mineral water whose taste feels a little thick or dense because of it. There's more bubble in Perrier water than in the San Pellegrino. The lemon version has a subtle, refreshing flavor that balances the mineral aspect of the water. 

6. Spindrift

I've seen this brand in my Local Trader Joe's, and I love it for its simplicity. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and while this sparkling water contains calories and sugar, it's low in both. Spindrift is another brand that's closer to in taste to juice or soda. Being aligned with Trader Joe's collection of unique food items, it has a fun aspect of pulp that is added to the beverage. Orange Mango is a great drink to get you in the mood for tanning at the beach even if it's still winter (weather-wise) where you are. 

7. Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley's main claim to fame rests in the fact that they create naturally ionized water. Its bubbles are more understated, and the bottles go as large as gallon sizes. A fresh taste is left intact with this beverage despite its mineral addition. It comes in two other flavors, but its original flavor is the best sparkling water, in my opinion. The only downside comes from how heavy the glass bottle is to carry around. However, the bottle might help the water maintain its great flavor for longer, so keep that in mind when purchasing sparkling waters.

8. Poland Spring

Poland Spring's sparkling water has a distinct mineral taste, but this is the quality regular Poland Spring Water has. If you like Poland Spring, this sparkling water offshoot should be right on par with their usual fare. It has a bubble with a noticeable kick. The lemon flavor is refreshing while detracting from the mineral taste that often deters certain drinkers. 

9. Schweppes

Schweppes' line of sparkling water beverage has a nice pop and fizz that's creamy in the way it froths. Every flavor of this brand is delicious, so you can't go wrong. I recommend Black Cherry; this brand does this flavor the best out of all the waters on this list.

10. Adirondack Seltzer  

Experience something fresh and natural with Adirondack, which is calorie- and sodium-free. The lemon-lime flavor is subtle, but still noticeable. A friend of mine said that it tasted like it was soda without the calories, which can be a pro or a con depending on your love of clear water. Toss in some juice, and it will be easy to trick yourself into believing a soda is in your hand.

All of these brands offer something different, and qualifying what makes the best sparkling water is different for everyone. Sifting through the various types above can help refine your taste for sparkling water, so try a few—or maybe all!