Your nails are an expression of who you are. And here at Spoon, we love any accessory that incorporates food. So these Color Camp food-inspired press-on nails with snack and drink themes made us fall in love. Their "Let’s Eat" collection includes delicious names like Fine like Wine, Pasta Party, and Dirty Martini.

The Fine like Wine design has an elegant rhinestone grape on the thumb and ring finger. The royal purple grape sits nicely on the mocha-colored base. As a gluten-free eater, the Pasta Party design is the only time I let carbs into my order with the golden pasta shapes. The base of the nails are nude with different pasta shapes such as rigatoni, bowties, and fusilli to add scrumptious shine.

One of the bolder ones in the collection, the Dirty Martini, has an olive green base with a pimento olive garnish made of red rhinestones on aa silver holographic toothpick. The Morty D design perfectly represents the best cold cut — mortadella — with small dots of white and pastel green (the pistachio) on top of a light pink base. The mixture of the colors white, green, and pink all fit so well together.

One of the cutest designs is the Lil’ Tomato with the dark red dots of tomatoes with green leaves laid out on a beige base coat. The number of tomatoes on each nail varies but the design itself has a balance between too much or too little. Essentially, all the designs are very minimalistic.

Each design lasts up to 2-4 weeks and are said to be reusable for 3 wears, so you can change them out depending on the menu that night. The $64 to $66 retail price for each of the “Let’s Eat” collection lets you have aesthetic nails for a wine night at the same price you would pay at a salon.