Emma Chamberlain is well-known for her *interesting* coffee order — an iced almond milk latte with ⅓ cup French vanilla creamer. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the social media star’s new ready-to-drink coffee line has received some mixed reviews, with many purchasers complaining about the texture and, shall we say, unique flavor profile.

Tiktok user @kinley.thomas put it more bluntly in her review, saying “This is the worst thing I’ve ever tasted,” and comparing the drinks to “farts in a can.” To be fair, these are plant-based, low-sugar beverages, which is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Or coffee. However, Chamberlain Coffee has issued a statement apologizing for “a small number of cans where the coconut cream has not mixed into the liquid and is not the correct consistency.” Yikes.

But at least one solidly good thing has come out of the new RTD line — Chamberlain Coffee will be releasing limited edition character merch every week this month. Sure, not everyone is a fan of chunky coffee, but who doesn’t love adorable sweats?

What does the Chamberlain Coffee character merch look like?

Given that the coffee itself may be slightly questionable, the adorable characters repping the new RTD line — tricky raccoon, fluffy lamb, cold brew elephant, and mocha moose — may be the best thing about it. Tricky raccoon reps the Cinnamon Bun Latte, which Tiktok user @alexsanoelle describes quite generously in her review saying, after a very long pause, “I mean it’s okay. It’s chunky, it’s a little sour.”

Even though I love cinnamon buns, I am not pumped to try this drink. But I am pumped about tricky raccoon. I mean, he’s a raccoon carrying a cinnamon bun, what’s not to love? According to the Chamberlain Coffee insta, tricky raccoon is “playful, friendly, and occasionally bothersome.” And, same. Also, he has his own Spotify playlist, and NGL, it’s a bop.

When can you get the new Chamberlain Coffee character merch?

I was very excited to learn that Chamberlain Coffee will be releasing limited edition RTD character merch every week this month. Personally, I’m hoping they expand the new merch to include all of the characters and not just the RTD line. I mean, sleepy sloth sweatpants? A sweet otter sweatshirt? Shut up and take my money.

Which RTD Chamberlain Coffee character are you?

So, which RTD character are you? Well, according to Emma in an interview with Elite Daily, “vanilla fluffy lamb is very much balletcore aesthetic, cottagecore aesthetic, listens to Phoebe Bridgers…The mocha moose is an indie music snob; they only listen to music that has under a million streams…The coolest kid you know is the mocha moose. The cold brew elephant is a music festival-obsessed type of person. They are the life of the party…The raccoon cinnamon bun to me is an unexpected bestie…They'll make fun of you a little bit, but they're your favorite friend because they're so fun.” Yeah, I’m definitely a tricky raccoon.

How can you get the new Chamberlain Coffee character merch?

Lucky for me, tricky raccoon and fluffy lamb sweats are already available for purchase on the Chamberlain Coffee website, and we can expect to see cold brew elephant and mocha moose in the coming weeks. The adorable sweats are only available while supplies last.