Emma Chamberlain wears a lot of hats in her daily life —YouTuber, podcaster, celebrity influencer, fashionista, and avid coffee lover. The OG fans know this as a fact. Watch any of her vlogs, and more likely than not she’s either stopping by Pete’s Coffee, drinking coffee, or sharing her own coffee recipe.

The celebrity influencer turned her love for coffee into a business in 2020 with Chamberlain Coffee. Her brand makes matcha powder, instant coffee, coffee bags, pods, and other drink accessories.

What's the new Chamberlain Coffee product?

Recently added to her collection of products is the ready-to-drink canned coffee that comes in four flavors: Vanilla Latte, Cinnamon Bun Latte, Cold Brew Latte, and a Mocha Latte.

Chamberlain shared with Forbes that the flavors were a “no brainer” because “she wanted to have classic flavors that she herself has enjoyed over the years.” But fans are split in the middle on their opinions of the RTD coffee.

What are the reviews of the new Chamberlain canned coffee?

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever tasted,” user @kinley.thomas shared in a TikTok and warned consumers to not get it, comically comparing the drinks to “farts in a can.”

“I would actually drink this one” TikTok creator @whostammam shared about the Cold Brew version. The creator tried each of the coffee flavors, unimpressed with every other one, especially the Cinnamon Bun Latte.

Other TikTok users like @jennaaliveswell backed the coffee by sharing their reactions to trying the drink for the first time on TikTok. After cheersing her friend and taking a sip of the previously hated on Cinnamon Bun Latte, she excitedly shared that the drink was “realllllly good,” with a big smile on her face. 

While you might be surprised that coffee lover Chamberlain’s newest launch might be less than great, others are unsurprised at people’s general dislike of the coffee and poked fun at Chamberlain’s usual drink order, “Come on now...Y’all know Emma likes her fart coffee” one user commented under the video, amassing 10.2k likes. Chamberlain’s usual coffee order is an iced almond milk latte with ⅓ cup French vanilla creamer.

Other comments rush to defend the taste. “”It’s coffee, not milk and sugar,” another user said.

TikTok user @ghostibeans shared her personal theory for the general dislike. “My theory is you probably don’t like the cans because you don’t like almond or coconut milk, and almond and coconut milk clumps if you don’t shake them well.” The side of the can does say to shake well before drinking.

“I’m gonna shake it for like maybe a minute straight,” they continued. “I’ve tried all of them with a cup of ice, I've never just straight up drunk them from the can.” The same can that user @kinley.thomas said tastes like farts got a score of nine out of 10 from user @ghostibeans.

Why are people either loving or hating the new Chamberlain canned coffee?

The variety of reactions to the taste of the new product may be due to the low amount of sugar and unique ingredients. The non-dairy drinks have both almond and coconut milk, which can clump in the coffee if you don’t shake them well. All of the drinks are low in sugar content as well, containing one gram, and naturally sweetened with date syrup.

While the RTD canned coffee may go down as a flop, it’s nice to see how Chamberlain is working towards inclusivity, and listening to her fans by making highly requested products. A big part of Emma Chamberlain’s personal brand is her authenticity. The star has shared plenty of her struggles with depression, and anxiety in her vlogs, helping her relate to her fans.

“I love when products that I use in my life match my overall vibe. And I think having fun packaging brings a smile to people’s faces in a way that is special and meaningful," Chamberlain shared with Forbes.

Where can I try the new Chamberlain canned coffee?

Emma Chamberlain’s new RTD coffees are exclusively available at Walmarts around the US, an attempt at making her coffee more accessible.