Obsessed with Stanley cups? We don’t blame you! The viral reusable water bottle — specifically Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler — has been one of the most sought-after bottles from holiday-themed to new color drops. Sure many poke fun at Stanley cups, but it’s a reliable cup. It’s designed to fit in your car cup holder, there’s a handle for you to conveniently hold on to, and there are so many color options. Stanley cups can keep your beverage cold or hot for a couple of hours (cold for up to 11 hours, hot for up to seven). It makes sense that the cups are a hot commodity. And if you’re a student with a Stanley cup as your emotional water bottle, have you thought of being an ambassador? Show off your love for the brand while getting paid to do so with Stanley's Student Ambassador Program.

What does being a Stanley ambassador entail?

This part-time (and paid) position is for students with a passion for not only the Stanley brand but also social media and marketing. 

Starting on March 18, this program will be over the course of eight weeks at select campuses (see here for the full list of campus locations).

To apply, students must have a minimum of one thousand followers on TikTok and/or Instagram. The job posting also makes note that qualified students cannot have been previously or are currently engaged with other drinkware brands.

During the eight weeks as an ambassador, students will be promoting the Stanley brand and products on their campus as well as through their personal and public social media. Essentially, students will be showing off the products’ features and benefits.

What are the benefits?

Student ambassadors will have the opportunity to enhance their resumes with marketing experience, leadership skills, and project management.

But let’s get to the paid part of this program. Ambassadors will be receiving a weekly $200 stipend, which is a total of $1,600. Aside from that, Stanley brand products and other merch.

See the application here, the application deadline is February 23.