It’s not an exaggeration to say that Stanley cups have taken the internet by storm in the past year. Just last month, fans lined up outside of Targets to get their hands on the exclusive Winter Pink Starbucks Stanley cup, which sold out immediately. Many have even started buying accessories for their cups, like charms and carrier cases. Now, Stanley lovers can even go as far as sporting the iconic winged bear logo on their clothes. The brand has now announced The Apparel Collection on its Instagram, available exclusively on the Stanley website.

What is included in Stanley's Apparel Collection?

The Apparel Collection includes a variety of clothes and accessories, such as hoodies, t-shirts, socks, and hats. 

What better way to show your love for the iconic cup?

Some of the clothes sport the classic logo, and others have a mini Stanley Cup design, like the Quencher Love tee, which comes in the colors indigo and rose quartz.

Quencher Love Tee, $30

Photo from Stanley

Want something a bit cozier? There are also hoodies and crewnecks available, so you can stay warm while sipping on your Stanley.

The Gradient Hoodie, $70

Photo from Stanley

The Gradient Hoodie only comes in one color, but there are two other hood options available including a zip-up black hoodie. The crewneck comes in two colors: Stanley Green and Black. However, the website states there are 14 color options, which could mean that there are more colors to come.

The Signature Crew Sweatshirt, $60

Photo from Stanley

The collection includes something for everyone, including kids. The "kids section" includes four different tees, each priced at $30.

Don’t forget the accessories. Finish off the look with an exclusive Stanley hat and socks!

The Quencher Love Dad Hat, $30

Photo from Stanley

There are nine hat options, some even coming in corduroy. At the moment there are only two sock colors, black and cream, which feature the Stanley logo and are $15. 

Will the collection go viral?

Stanley has a history of selling out of things quickly. TikTok user @victoria_robino_26 captured the frenzy that took place at Target when the pink Stanley cups dropped. People were literally ready to throw hands just to get a cup.

Although the Apparel Collection just dropped, fans are already making their purchases. One user commented on the Instagram announcement, “What?! Stanley merch @stanley_brand I’m buying it.”

Currently, the collection is only available online, so you won’t have to fight any Stanley fans in person to get a hoodie.