Pickle girlies, these past few years have been so kind to us. Not only have pickles taken over the snack market, they've even entered the ice cream game and even the hard seltzer arena. Even cocktail bars have been mixing up pickle brine martinis and serving up classic Pickleback shots. However, there's a new development in the pickle-themed drink world. People on TikTok are heading to Sonic Drive-Ins to pick up the now-viral Pickle Dr. Pepper. You read that right. Beverage goblins and picked lovers are pulling up and ordering the popular cola with a side of dill pickle slices and mixing it together. For many, it's actually a new delicious treat. 

Why is Pickle Dr. Pepper a thing?

In early May, TikTok user Mississippi Memaw shared a video ordering a large Dr. Pepper with pickles. "Don't knock it 'til you try it," she said. The creator noted that she is not the only one to order this, pointing out how casually the Sonic worker took her order. Having amassed nearly four million views, Mississippi Memaw seemingly convinced people who've never tried the combo to try it out. 

To be expected, some people pulled up to Sonic, put in their order and basically spit out the drink, such as in the case of user @iamtytyjones. Additionally, user @cookiterica taste-tested the drink and called it "offensive," following up with, "I'm not trying to yuck your yum, you can have mine."

However, some tasters really got into the unique combination. TikToker @aliceinbravoland said, "This is actually really good, it just goes together." 

Additionally, user @tyannaiasade_ gave the concoction a solid 8/10.

While pickle Dr. Pepper has drinkers split down the middle, it's definitely worth a try if you're obsessed with both flavors. Plus, if you don't have a Sonic near you, you can easily try the combo at home or at another fast food restaurant.