With November dates already in the double digits, end-of-year holidays are fast approaching. Of course, many are anticipating the meals served for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve. But there's one major holiday foodies might be forgetting — National Pickle Day! This dill-iscious day, celebrated annually on November 14, is for the pickle girlies who have a favorite brand, flavor profile, and perhaps even some pickle merch. Whether you pickle your own cucumbers at home or pick up a jar of pickled jalapenos, capers, and pepperoncini at the store, there are many ways to honor delicious veggies soaked in salt and vinegar. I, myself, am a pickle purist and will choose a solid dill spear or chip over any bread and butter or cornichon option any day. However, I respect every pickle flavor from hot and spicy, to super sweet, all the way to a slightly sour flavor. Though I prefer my form of pickles in the form of a Grillo's brand chip, I opted for something a little more unusual for celebrating National Pickle Day. Enter My/Mochi Classic Pickle mochi ice cream.  

What does pickle mochi ice cream taste like? 

I know that, at first, the notion of pickle ice cream sounds vile. But hear me out, ice cream brands have recently experimented and been rather successful with unique savory flavors. For example, Jeni's Ice Cream sold out of the Everything Bagel flavor. Additionally, Van Leeuwen just released its holiday flavor lineup, which includes Kraft Mac & Cheese and Dill Pickle flavors, which were, of course, preceded by the brand's internet-shattering Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored ice cream. So, yes, let me have my pickle mochi. 

Maria Serra

If you're a mochi ice cream fan, fear not, for the glutinous rice dough surrounding the dessert remains subtly sweet as ever, a classic flavor you can't dislike. Initially, when biting into it, I wasn't prepared for a burst of creamy dill flavor, but with a few more seconds of true savoring, I realized the ice cream had a subtle pickle flavor. It's merely strong on its first impression due to its novelty. All in all, I did the same face as "Kombucha Girl," Brittany Broski. Overall, I would eat again now knowing what to expect. I mean, I think it's quite brilliant that My/Mochi blended the two most stereotypical pregnancy cravings into one perfect little ball with simple vanilla and light dill notes. Plus, I don't think it's that wild to have an herb-forward ice cream. For example, there are recipes for lemon thyme ice cream and rosemary ice cream, so why not try a dill flavor? 

Where can I try pickle mochi for myself?

Pickle fans can find My/Mochi Classic Pickle mochi ice cream at select Bristol Farms store locations in California or you can order it online. For only $13, you can try a pack for yourself, and frankly, I highly recommend it if you call yourself a true pickle lover. You can also find My/Mochi's more traditional flavors such as strawberry, mango, and cookies and cream in stores including Target, Kroger, Walmart, and beyond.