If you’re anything like me, your algorithm on TikTok has been all about the pickle jar sweatshirt that @badaddictionboutique released. For all my pickle lovers out there, the sweatshirt has 12 different jars and brands of pickles on the front of it and with a wide variety of sizes that run from XS to 5XL.

What is the pickle jar sweatshirt from TikTok?

The pickle jar sweatshirt is one that had gone viral on TikTok for so beautifully showcasing the love people have for pickles in sweatshirt form. The 12 pickle jars on the sweatshirt range from McClure's, B&G, and Grillo’s Pickles (these are super crunchy 10/10), to Gordy’s, Mt. Olive, Milwaukee Dill Pickles, Frills Dills, Claussen and more. 

Why do people love the pickle jar sweatshirt so much?

Fitness influencer @ttaylorolsen captioned her video “I think y'all tagged me in this sweatshirt 500 times. So yeah… I bought it. Pickle girls unite.” Being a pickle girl isn’t just a hobby — it’s a lifestyle. 

Pickle lovers everywhere are posting their reviews of the sweatshirt on TikTok. @Footballcrazevids bought the pickle sweatshirt, not because they like pickles, but because of how warm and comfy the sweatshirt is. “I hate pickles but I like warmth, you should get it.” Even the pickle haters out there are still buying this viral sweatshirt.

Some boyfriends like @Cranberryraisin said that his girlfriend has not taken the sweatshirt off since he bought it for her. “I bought this sweatshirt for my girlfriend like a week ago, and she’s been wearing it basically every single day,” they said. This is a sign for my boyfriend to get me the pickle jar sweatshirt. 

Where can I buy the pickle jar sweatshirt?

For the next seven days, Bad Addiction Boutique has a TikTok coupon of 40% off if you buy the pickle jar sweatshirt or any of their clothing off of the app. The pickle jar sweatshirt is being sold for $44 dollars but there are different pickle sweatshirt dupes being advertised on TikTok for less. As a pickle lover I need it so I can wear it on campus for my daily hot girl walks to class. 

Pickle Jars Sweatshirt: $44.00

Canned Pickles Sweatshirt: $23.39-59.39