Van Leeuwen has come a long way since its yellow truck days in downtown New York City. Dedicated to crafting feel-good ice cream from quality ingredients, the once-mobile ice cream vendor opened locations all over the United States and garnered a massive cult following for their out-of-the-box offerings. The latest in their line-up of outlandish ice cream flavors? Hidden Valley Ranch.

Part of an exclusive partnership with Walmart, Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream is one of seven new pints hitting shelves this spring. Dessert and a dressing most notably served with carrots may seem like an improbable pair, but the brand assures curious eaters that the combo is worth a sample. I guess it's time for a carrot stick sundae.

Slated as a “surprising” indulgence with hints of ranch, “including buttermilk, flavorful herbs, and a touch of sweetness," the Hidden Valley ice cream is designed specifically for the mega-ranch fans among us. The controversial combo puts to the test whether ranch really goes with everything.

My family and I have been loyal Van Leeuwan enthusiasts since 2008. Their location a few blocks from our apartment is a highly frequented summer destination (and quite often a year round treat). Instead of chasing Mister Softee, I would scout out the pale yellow truck in hopes of a Vanilla Bean cone. Though we all have our go-to orders — I’m partial to Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam, my dad drowns his Mint Chip in vegan hot fudge, my mom opts for Vegan Coffee and my sister leans towards Honeycomb or Earl Grey — Van Leeuwan’s seasonal scoops and never-ending flavor development means we’re constantly trying new spoonfuls of smooth ice cream.

Nixie Strazza

Food & Wine got an early taste of the Van Leeuwen Hidden Valley Ranch collab, taking note of the garlic-forward flavor, creamy base and their subsequent desire for french fries. To bolster the scooping experience, Van Leeuwan recommends topping Hidden Valley sundaes with pretzels or potato chips to up the savory kick.

In addition to Hidden Valley Ranch, the entire Walmart lineup includes Sweet Maple Cornbread, Blood Orange Poppy, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Graham Cracker Crunch and Limoncello Cake. The limited release will only be available from March 20 to May 28, a short time to get a hold of bold pints.

This is not the first time Van Leeuwen has ventured into the world of eccentric flavors. The Brooklyn-based creamery broke the internet in 2022 with its acclaimed Kraft Mac & Cheese collab. The initial 6,000-pint release sold out in less than an hour and became so popular, Walmart added the golden delight to its national line-up. Van Leeuwen also unveiled a Grey Poupon Ice Cream featuring swirls of honey-dijon mustard and salted pretzel, reminiscent of Oktoberfest with a distinctly French flare.

Aside from pairings with major food companies, Pizza, King Cake, Hot Honey and a “Glass Onion''-inspired mystery flavor have all made their way onto in-shop and online menus. For those with more tame ice cream inclinations, Van Leeuwan does not disappoint with their array of classic offerings like Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Mint Chip and Sicilian Pistachio.

I remain skeptical, but if the Van Leeuwen Hidden Valley Ranch is anything like the brand’s other epic ice creams, I’m willing to see what “goodness” is in store.