Everyone loves ranch dressing but does anyone know what is even is it? If you want it summed up quickly, ranch can be described as a mix of milky things.

What is ranch dressing?

Ranch is mostly known as ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is a type of salad dressing made up of buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, herbs like chives, parsley and dill and spices like black pepper, paprika and ground mustard seed. This is all mixed into sauce based on mayonnaise and another oil emulsion.

What is the flavour? 

This all sounds great but what IS the flavour? The Huffington Post described it as "tangy, sweet and creamy with a bite."  

What is a homemade recipe? 

One of the best recipes to make ranch dressing at home comes from Laura in the Kitchen. She takes you step by step on how to make your own ranch dressing.

What else can ranch be used for?

Ranch does not have to only be for dressing. You can also use ranch for dipping. Some of the fan favourites are carrot sticks, pizza and wings. Who doesn't love their cheesy, saucy pizza with some ranch dip after a wild night out?

Ranch dressing's history

Everything has a history, including ranch. In the early 1950s, Steve Henson developed what is now known as ranch dressing while working as a plumbing contractor for three years in a remote Alaskan bush. In 1954, he and his wife Gayle opened Hidden Ranch Valley near Santa Barabara California where they served it to people. You learn something new everyday.

Fun fact about ranch

Another fun fact about ranch is that it is the most popular dressing shipped to food service outlets such as the NPD which is a global information company.

Kraft's ranch dressing

One of the most popular brands of ranch dressing is Kraft. Kraft loves to add their own twist on ranch dressing. They offer flavours such as peppercorn, three cheese, classic, buttermilk, cucumber spicy, Homestyle, southwest, cheesy jalapeno and cheddar.

Now you know everything that you need to know about ranch dressing. Go ahead and start making your own now.