What’s better than a large McDonald’s fry for any hungry dilemma? McDonald's fries have a reputation of being some of the best in the fast-food world. They're crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and seasoned to perfection with just the right amount of salt. Whether you prefer to dip them in ketchup, creamy (or seemingly) ranch, or enjoy them just as they are, these fries are an irresistible delight that's sure to satisfy your taste buds. And what better feeling is there than getting free fries? McDonald's is back with its 'Free Fries Friday!' Whether you're a devoted fan of their classic McDonald's fries or just looking for a delicious Friday treat, this treat is here to satisfy your cravings.

How to score your free fries

Participating in Free Fries Friday couldn't be easier. Just download the McDonald's mobile app (if you haven't already), and you'll find the offer right at your fingertips. Through the app, rewards members can get free medium fries with any $1 minimum purchase.

This offer is valid every Friday until the end of the year (!!!) at participating McDonald’s. 

A fry-tastic tradition

'Free Fries Friday' has quickly become a beloved tradition for McDonald's enthusiasts. This special promotion is a way for the fast-food giant to show its appreciation to customers who can't resist the allure of perfectly crispy, golden-brown fries. It gives everyone a little reminder that the weekend is here, and it's time to treat yourself!

'Free Fries Friday' at McDonald's is more than just a deal; it's a celebration of the end of the workweek. It's a reminder to treat yourself, kick back, and enjoy a beloved snack with friends and family. So, why not make it a weekly tradition?