Big Macs and Oreo McFlurries, late nights out with friends, lazy Sunday afternoons—none of these are complete without a side of McDonald's fries. If you agree, you're in luck, because McDonald's is giving away free French fries this month.

french fries, potato, salt, ketchup
Alex Frank

According to Food & Wine, all you have to do is download the McDonald's mobile app, purchase your order using Apple Pay, and you'll receive a free medium order of fries. Of course, there is slight a catch—this only works on Fridays (or Fry Day as McD's is calling it) for the month of April. So, you've got two chances left to claim your free perfectly crispy, salty spuds. 

If the thought of free fries doesn't get your heart racing, you can find other deals in the McDonald's app, too. Many of them are buy one, get one deals, but still, free is free, people. The deals seem to update often, but right now some of them include a buy one get one free Big Mac, a free medium McCafé with any purchase of $1 or more, free medium fries with a purchase of four buttermilk crispy tenders, and $2 off any signature crafted sandwich. 

Free French fries are definitely the best deal on the fast food chain's app right now, though, and there's arguably no better way to kick off an epic weekend.