McDonald’s has taken a large place in popular culture for decades, including in the anime community. The fictional creation of “WcDonald’s” originated over four decades ago with an entire universe created by the fandom. The real-life fast food giant has announced that they are working to bring this fictional world to life for anime fans across the globe. To celebrate, McDonald’s is introducing a new dipping sauce.

But first, what’s “WcDonald’s”?

“WcDonald’s” is a fictional fast food chain meant to resemble McDonald’s in many manga and anime. It first appeared in the Cat’s Eye franchise in 1981. Their menu resembles one of the traditional McDonald’s cuisines with renamed dishes such as the “Big Wac.” Since WcDonald’s first appearance, it has been featured in various manga and anime with a growing fanbase.

On February 26, this WcDonald’s universe is coming to the real world, announced McDonald’s on its social media. The company is releasing four weekly episodic shorts on Mondays. The first is titled “The Race to WcDonald’s” and the finale “The Wisdom of the Sauce” premieres March 18.

Now to the new McDonald’s dipping sauce.

Even for those who may not be immersed WcDonald’s fans, the new sauce included in this release will certainly still appeal to many. The Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce is described as a “unique combination of ginger, garlic and soy with a slight heat from chili flakes.” TBH, it sounds like a perfect counterpart to your next however-many-piece McNuggets order.

In addition to the much anticipated short series for WcDonald’s fans, McDonald’s is also highlighting three anime artists from the fandom and supporting their future endeavors. The WcDonald’s campaign does not only seem like it will bring a delicious new limited release for food lovers to try but also pay homage to the dedicated community of the fandom.