They say variety is the spice of life, which must mean a variety of spices and sauces has to bode well for a fulfilling existence. Personally, dunking, dipping, and dousing does tend to enhance most of my culinary experiences. If you’ve ever poured creamy ranch dressing on top of a disappointedly unremarkable slice of pizza (yes, chef) to enhance your meal, you know what I’m talking about. The most infamous sauces are the stuff of legend, fodder for countless copycat recipes, and are sometimes even shrouded in secret. That passion for sauce is why, when McDonald’s revealed it would be rolling out two new limited-edition sauces, I had to give them a try.

What are the new McDonald’s sauces?

This week, McDonald’s announced two new dipping sauces joining the franchise’s already respectable collection of condiments: Mambo Sauce and Sweet and Spicy Jam Sauce. Mambo Sauce is “tomato-based, sweet, spicy, and vinegary,” inspired by the Washington, D.C. area, (or Chicago, depending on who you ask). Spicy Jam, the brand’s first breakfast dipping sauce, is described as “a jammy red pepper sauce with a tongue-numbing Szechuan peppercorn kick and extra heat from cayenne pepper; finished with apple cider vinegar.”

Photo by Lauren Dozier for Spoon University

What do the new McDonald’s sauces taste like?

Because part of the fun of consuming sauce is the opportunity for customization, I added the Mambo Sauce to an egg and cheese biscuit. As promised, it was sweet and spicy and actually did have a bit of a lingering kick. Its flavoring isn’t too much of a departure from a classic barbecue sauce and proved to be very satisfying for fry-dipping. I tried the Sweet and Spicy Jam Sauce with a basket of Chicken McNuggets. The sauce is thick and smokey with a bright zing and was the more exciting of the two. Personally, I think both of these sauces would pair perfectly with a Snack Wrap (this is my formal plea to McDonald’s to bring back Snack Wraps).

Photo by Lauren Dozier for Spoon University

Mambo Sauce and Sweet and Spicy Jam Sauce will be making their way to McDonald's menus near you starting October 9.