What Is Anime?

Let me first go into what anime actually is. Anime is Japanese animated shows. Some of them are what we know as cartoons since the shows contain so much humor and light-hearted content. Most of the shows have more adult content, which would make them more like actual shows, but they are just animated. 

There are many different types of anime that attract large audiences. First, there are sports animes. These follow a team, usually a high school team, as they compete against other teams. Popular sports include volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Secondly, there are comedy animes. These use humour and jokes to tell a more serious story and teach their viewers lessons. These tend to be really short or really long series. Finally, there are dramatic animes. These shows always have something going on, and each episode is very serious. Most of the time, these animes involved magic or adventure.

But how can any of this possibly relieve stress?

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The Characters

Just like in many books and TV shows, there are always those characters that we are drawn to, the ones that we relate to the most. There are many people who find happiness and solace in these characters. They use them to help them make difficult decisions, much like a "What Would He/She Do?" scenario. Many anime have well thought out and developed characters, which makes it that much easier for people to become attached to them.

There are many other reasons that people relate to a specific character, whether it's their sense of humor, witty retorts, or social relationships. People get attached to characters because they think that they are funny or they just like their specific character development. Some people even like characters because they are typically not very well liked.

In any case, forming these attachments can be quite comforting. People tend to find something relaxing about their favorite characters, especially the ones that tend to be funnier. In some cases, people even read and write stories about these characters. Reading and writing is typically very stimulating and calming for people, especially if they love to do it.

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The Show

Like I said, there are many different types of anime, which means that there are many different reasons that people find anime relaxing. Most of the time, it is because they find the show funny and/or entertaining. And really, who doesn't like a good Netflix binge? There are comedic undertones in many different animes, which makes watching the show easier on new viewers.

Another big reason that anime relieves stress is that it teaches many different lessons to its viewers. Many animes touch on the themes of family, friendship, love, and bravery. Not all animes end happily, but there are certainly happy moments along the way that make viewers feel warm and fuzzy inside. In any case, there is an anime out there for everyone; you just have to be willing to sort through the ones that you don't like.

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