With the three-year anniversary of quarantine just passing, it’s been mind-boggling to think back to that time. What exactly did we do all day? A popular foodie pastime included watching British actor Florence Pugh's cooking videos on Instagram, which later became known as "Cooking with Flo."

Now, Pugh’s quarantine hobby is coming to the small screen in a TV version of Cooking with Flo. As a guest on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Pugh recently revealed that the show is finally “in the works.”

“Due to shooting schedules and it not quite being the right type of show, we had to just put it on a back burner,” she said, no cooking pun intended. “But it’s definitely in the works, it’s happening. We’re trying to make something happen.”

In a time when everything was bleak, and time was plentiful, Pugh brought joy to people by sharing videos of her making her favorite recipes on her Instagram story. Some of the most notable dishes include homemade marmalade, ratatouille, lobster ravioli, and her beloved tzatziki.

But just because we’re all pretty much back to life as usual doesn’t mean we couldn’t use some more of Pugh’s uplifting cooking content in our lives. Pugh revealed in Vogue's January cover story that since her father owns several restaurants in Oxfordshire, England, she and her siblings grew up constantly trying different kinds of cuisine.

In her conversation with Josh Horowitz, Pugh explained that she wants others to have that opportunity to try new foods and recipes, and with Cooking with Flo, she can hopefully help people become more adventurous eaters and chefs.

While we’re happy to have Pugh in the Instagram and YouTube food scenes — most recently in a Vogue cooking video and the latest Hot Ones episode — it’s time that Cooking with Flo has a chance to shine in front of a broader TV audience. We can’t wait to see all the new recipes Pugh has to offer, this time on the small screen.