Any dessert lover won't go to New York City without an agenda of where to find the hippest desserts around. Whether it be a pop-up shop with a line out the door or a restaurant with a signature dessert item, there are a multitude of unique and decadent sweets in Manhattan. So let's dig in and find what you crave most

1. Momofuku Milk Bar

cake, sprinkles, cream
Lucy Alderson-Smith

Momofuku Milk Bar is hard to miss, with five locations in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn. Milk Bar makes iconic cakes, milkshakes, truffles, and their infamous cereal milk soft serve pictured below. If you love birthday cake flavor anything, I'd highly recommend going the Milk Bar for rich birthday cake truffles and milkshakes.

Jessica Stern

2. The Cinnamon Snail

Rebecca O'Neill

If you happen to come across a Cinnamon Snail food truck, be sure to check it out for 30+ flavors of unique doughnuts and pastries. Above is a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough doughnut. YUM! And it's all vegan!  

3. Sugar Factory

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Jessica Stern

Celebrate your next birthday with friends at the Sugar Factory, the ultimate sweet-lover's dream dining experience. The Sugar Factory is known for specialty sugar cocktails and custom cakes along with a vast array of other menu items.

4. Jars by Dani

cake, ice, ice cream, chocolate, cream
Meredith Starrett

Jars by Dani is a newer small-scale bakery that just recently opened a pop-up location in Soho. Their small baking team assembles jars of different cake flavors, from fudge brownie to cake batter, pictured above. If you're on the go and craving frosting and cake, definitely stop by Jars by Dani and grab a cute jar to go!

5. Black Tap Craft Burgers

chocolate, cake, candy
Meredith Starrett

If you have't heard of Black Tap, where have you been?! The booming Black Tap milkshakes are all over Instagram, foodies are loving it. However, if you want to embark on this 1000 calorie endeavor, be prepared to stand in line for at least 1-2 hours among dozens of other sweet lovers. The Soho location is small and can only fit so many people, but it is most definitely worth it. Not willing to wait in line for a classic milkshake to 'gram a beautiful photo? Order one online; the to-go shakes taste just as amazing

6. Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Ruth Kissel

Dominique Ansel is a renowned pastry chef who invented the "cronut", croissant doughnut hybrid, which dessert lovers have raved about since its launch in 2013. Now, foodies looking for a lighter treat go for his new "cookie shot" pictured above. Ansel is clearly a crowd pleaser with these innovative pastries taking New York by storm.

7. Juicy Spot Cafe

chocolate, cream, milk, ice, sweet, dairy product, goody, chocolate ice cream, candy
Caroline Hashagen

Not only is it cool to watch being made, but it's cool to eat. The newest ice cream trend, rolled ice cream, is popping up all over NYC. Juicy Spot debuted the first American made rolled ice cream which originated in Thailand. Ever since, it's been the rage here on the East Coast.

I don't know about you, but all of these desserts make me feel this kind of way:

Be sure to bookmark this article for the next time you take a day in the city and are looking for the trendiest desserts that are on the rise.

Not only can you try these sweets in NYC, but some deliver right to your door. I'll certainly be ordering a Jar by Dani to my dorm any day now.