Youtube has a way of springing the craziest things at you every now and then. From the Youtuber that makes music out of food to the Scran Line videos. There is never a dearth of entertaining and food-some material when it comes to our trustee bud Youtube. I begin by watching a video on how to make Vegan Brownies and five hours later, I am watching the Superwoman's two-year-old videos.

#SpoonTip: Here's how to Procrastinate Productively, in case you were wondering.

But, keeping my PhD in procrastination using Youtube as an effective medium aside, I do stumble on some crazy genius stuff on this beauty  all the freaking time.

My latest discovery is David Ma. This man is recreating recipe videos of our favorite classics like S'mores and Pancake recipes by using the aesthetics of our favorite movie directors. So what happens when the director of Kill Bill or Gravity direct a recipe video? Find out below:

1. Waffles Transformers Style

It's called "What if Michael Bay made waffles" and seems like a legit clip from a Transformer's movie. The sounds, mechanics and the classic transformations with the amazing action are all right there. 

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs Kill Bill Style

"If Tarantino made Spaghetti and Meatballs" is so on point that you will forget that the tomato sauce is not really blood (in a good way, is there a good way?... it's Tarantino! ) We have the cutting, the changing colors to change the mood, the rhythm... the only thing missing for me? Samurai Swords—though the knives did a pretty cool job too. 

3. Pancakes Gravity Style

I don't want to say anything about this one, except that pancakes were always my little ray of sunshine but this video took it literally. You got the planets, the outer space aesthetics in a pancake-making video. Mind Blown Officially. "If Michael Bays made pancakes" indeed. 

4. S'mores The Grand Budapest Hotel Style

Wes Anderson happens to be one of my favourite directors of all time and The Grand Budapest one of my favourite movies. I watched the video 21 times officially and the Anderson aesthetics which are much talked about and used are so on point it looks like it is taken right out of an Anderson beauty. 

Procrastination or not, Youtube for me spouts gems all the time and I am so happy I stumbled across this one in my late night youtube rendevouzs.