“I swear the only reason I wake up is because I am hungry”, one of the many relevant statements made by Lilly Singh aka Superwoman.

If you don’t know Superwoman (…wait, is that even a possibility?) I don’t know which planet you are from. Definitely not Unicorn Island (what up Lilly Singh reference). Well, for those of you who don’t, Lilly is one of the most popular Indo-Canadian YouTuber and comedian.

Since the beginning of her channel in October 2010, her videos have received over 1 billion views and her channel has accumulated over 8.5 million subscribers.


Photo Courtesy of youtube.com

But besides this ‘fancy’ stuff, what makes her so popular is the way she interacts with her audience via a virtual platform. You nod along to whatever this charismatic star says, whether she is doing motivational talking or a video on the types of people she finds annoying in the airplane (yeah, been there done that).

Though our love for her sprouts more from her relationship with food than anything else. Her videos make you embrace your love for food with her quirky, simple but honest philosophies like “What does hungry have to do with eating. So weird.”

So, here are the seven videos where she talks about food and we just nod along, cause we relate so much.

1. The Time She Told Us About the Types of Eaters


2. The Time She Talked About Our Love for Food

3. The Time She Identified the Different Types of People in Restaurants.

4. The Time She Made This Epic Lasagna (33,000+ Calories)

5. The Time She Understood How Annoying People in Drive-Thrus Can Be.

6. The Time She Ate Everything at Chipotle

7. The Time She Stood Up for Mcdonald’s Discrimination Against Vegetarians