When I was younger, before I became an outspoken foodie and Grammar Police cadet, I was obsessed with music. It was the golden age of talent discovery on YouTube, circa 2009. Regular teens like Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson were scooped off of the Internet and given record deals. Around that time, I found Andrew Huang.

I clearly remember finding a video in his Song Challenge series, "Water." He composed that song using sounds made with water and ice. Since then, I've been a fan of his work, and I have also noticed that he has made several songs using food.

Food Challenge Accepted

From apples to carrots, breakfast foods to carne asada fries, many of Andrew's musical works made with food come from suggestions made by his YouTube audience. As it states on his website, "Andrew is best known for his Song Challenge video series, which invites viewers to dare him in feats of musicianship, and has garnered him over 40,000,000 views on his YouTube channel."

Other foods that Andrew has used to make tunes include pineapple, peaches, and pumpkins. Perhaps he should remake that pumpkin song, PSL style.

These videos do more than fuel your appetite; they can educate. Andrew often breaks down the process of making music with unusual instruments, like a Donald Trump sniff. As a companion to his 24 "Carrot" Magic music video, he has a tutorial on how to make carrot slide whistles. His carne asada fries song actually shows you how to prepare them.

Cooking Up a Storm of Songs

Andrew Huang currently has 39 albums, EPs, and singles available on iTunes, including a collection of six songs appropriately titled Food & Drink. While the tracks aren't made with food sounds, it's still fun to listen to music inspired by bubble tea and pizza.

Also, in Andrew's "normal" music repertoire is "Diet & Exercise," a song from his album Pintxos. Give it a listen on iTunes or Spotify—I couldn't find it anywhere online—to see how relatable his perspective on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is.

"I'm so stressed taking care of myself / But it's all for the good of my health, right?"

Breaking Sound Barriers

Andrew Huang's ingenuity has accelerated his music career on YouTube, but can he also influence food culture? In a society where creative cooking puts chefs in the spolight and social media starts food trends, Andrew's music fits right in.

On the flip side, food insecurity is a real issue in the United States. Using food-inspired songs in advertising campaigns can help bring attention to the issue; Andrew himself has already produced audio for Panda Express using food and kitchen tools (shown above).

Andrew's food-inspired tracks teach us to think outside the box and, at the very least, let us rock out to the sound of our favorite snack, whether it be peaches or pancakes.