Looks like fall’s new vegan dessert is here! Influencer Emma Chamberlain and vegan dessert company Deux announced a collaboration for a vegan donut hole flavor. Deux has a line of cakey donut holes doused in delicious icing. While desserts are often associated with being full of hard-to-pronounce and sugary ingredients, Deux focuses on health just as much as taste. The brand's donut holes are vegan and contain B12 and L-Theanine, known for aiding in focus and energy. Sounds like the perfect study treat to us.

More on the Emma Chamberlain & Deux collab

Emma Chamberlain, well known for her love of coffee, collabed with Deux on a Cinnamon Sugar donut flavor. It's a seemingly perfect pairing with a cup of coffee — iced, hot, really any style you prefer — especially if it's from her brand Chamberlain Coffee which she launched in 2020. These limited edition donut holes give all the fall vibes with a vanilla cake coated in cinnamon icing. According to Deux’s website and Instagram, these donut holes have “41% less sugar than the leading Donut.”

Deux’s original line has two flavors reminiscent of traditional donuts — classic and chocolate glaze. The donut holes on the outside look almost like a cake pop covered in smooth and glistening icing — definitely not like a Dunkin’ munchkin. But on the inside, they are very light and cakey rather than a dense fudgey texture. In addition to the vitamins, these donuts pack they also contain coconut oil, oat flour, and maple syrup instead of those more processed ingredients.

Deux has been a growing brand bringing healthy versions of delicious desserts. The founder Sabeena Ladha appeared on Shark Tank pitching her products in 2021. While she left without a deal, that hasn't stopped her from expanding her brand of good-for-you snacks such as their jarred cookie doughs and spreads as well as teaming up with one of the biggest creators on the internet.

Don't mind us, we’ll take three bags!