Weird food combinations have made the rounds on the Internet for years, from cottage cheese and potato chips to butter in coffee. These combinations can be anywhere from uniquely delicious to downright vile. But hey, to each their own, right? 

Last week, everyone’s favorite pop princess, Dua Lipa, sat down to chat about her new single, “Houdini” on BBC Radio 1. In between music chat, she shared her thoughts on chocolate ice cream and, with mixed reception, a pretty interesting topping preference. 

Dua Lipa puts olive oil on her ice cream.

“I don’t think chocolate ice cream is that good,” she said. “...But you know what I love? So I get vanilla ice cream, and I put olive oil on it, and sea salt…so many people that I’ve shown it to I’ve brought to the dark side.”

BBC Radio 1’s Instagram (@bbcradio1) shared a clip of Dua’s ice cream preferences with the caption “thoughts on @dualipa’s unusual ice cream additions?” The comments are flooded with a wide range of opinions about the fact that Dua Lipa puts olive oil on her ice cream.

What is the internet's reaction?

“That is a criminal offense,” wrote user @benbeezy_. Another user, @liviegee, put it bluntly, writing, “Girl…JAIL.”

Others seemed not utterly enthusiastic, but were still intrigued. @laughta1 wrote, “That’s a new one, olive oil! But don’t knock it till ya try it I guess!” User @krisandpip wrote a similar sentiment, asking, “Please tell me if somebody tried it and liked it.”

A sizable number of commenters defended Dua Lipa, and even cited personal experience. “BiRite Creamery in San Francisco was my gateway to olive oil and sea salt on ice cream over a decade ago,” said @stephporterco. “It’s ridiculously good.”

Just trying it, as you can imagine, is all it takes for a food combination to transition from weird to accepted. Pineapple on pizza and milkshakes with fries are maybe some of the most popular ‘weird’ food combinations, but there surely was a time where they were considered as unusual as vanilla ice cream with sea salt and olive oil.

It seems everyone is split between those that would never try it in a million years, the ones who are puzzled but interested in trying, and the ones who are totally here for it. Although it is a divisive food combination, it may gain some popularity as people try it for themselves. After all, if Dua Lipa says it’s good, how bad could it be?