For years we’ve bickered about classic food debates. Some debates are so heated that they've even ended relationships. I’ve decided to face these debates head on --  gathering opinions and explanations from those who fall on opposite sides of the most passionate food debates. Let’s see if anyone can change my (or your) opinion on classic food controversies.

1. Ketchup on Fries or on the Side

The art of ketchup application on French fries has been a long standing debate. Some prefer to keep their fries separate from their ketchup, individually dipping each fry at a time. Others grab some ketchup and slather their fries in tomatoey goodness. James, who is in favor of squirting ketchup on his fries, says “I like to get the proper plate coverage. When I sprinkle salt, it adheres to the fries because of the ketchup.” James feels that having ketchup all over his fries allows him to taste the salty and sweet flavors all in one bite. In a feud that could cut family ties, James’ sister, Julia, defends keeping ketchup on the side, saying, “if you squirt the ketchup, it doesn’t cover the fries evenly -- one fry may be drenched and the others may have barely any ketchup on them.” She also says that it is easier to eat separate and keeps the mess at a minimum.

#2 Pancakes or Waffles?

Which breakfast food reigns supreme? Chances are the answer will vary with each person you ask. Both are sweet treats and a great way to start your day, but most people prefer one over the other. Zach is a huge fan of waffles, saying, "I love how the little squares hold your butter and syrup." He also appreciates how the crisp texture of the waffle stops his breakfast from becoming soggy with the addition of toppings. On the other hand, Caroline is a true pancake lover and says that "pancakes are the best because they're stackable". Caroline likes to stack her pancakes high, pouring on syrup so it drizzles over the sides. She doesn't like how the syrup gets stuck in the crevices of the waffle.

#3 Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? 

This Hawaiian fruit has created controversy over the years about its proper role in Italian cuisine.  Bethany is in favor of pineapple on pizza. She says, “I like my pizza to have multiple dimensions. What’s better than sweet and savory? I love them together.” For Bethany, the tangy pineapple cuts through the savory pizza, adding a hint of much needed sweetness. On the other hand, Allie feels strongly that pineapple should not be a pizza topping. She says, pineapple “just doesn’t belong, it’s too sweet.” Allie feels that the bite of the pineapple fights with the other flavors, such as the acidity of the tomato and the earthiness of the cheese.

#4 Crispy or Soggy Cereal?

cereal, Cheerios, bowl of cereal, Bowl, spoon, milk, breakfast
Jocelyn Hsu

Everyone has heard of the viral cereal debate: Do you pour your milk or cereal first? The lesser known debate is around the texture of your cereal. Sam, a communications major, is a strong supporter of crunchy cereal. She says she loves “crispy cereal with a little bit of milk. I’m a big texture person, so food needs to have that crunch”. For Sam, a crispy texture is necessary when eating cereal to contrast the creaminess of the milk. Her roommate, Madison, loves her cereal to be soggy because she says, “the point of putting cereal in milk is to taste the milk. Letting the cereal get soggy allows you to taste it better.” Ironically, like Sam, Madison feels that the texture of food is an important part of the experience, but she prefers foods that are soft and spongy.

#5 Edge Piece vs. Center Cut Brownie

What’s better than the smell of freshly baked brownies? But the real the question is: Are you reaching for a center piece or an edge piece? Some feel that there is a distinct difference, rejecting all brownies that don’t fit into their preference. Jess is a fan of the edge piece, saying, “the edge has the perfect amount of crunch but still gives the satisfaction of having the consistency that we all love in a brownie. It’s the best of both worlds.” Jess likes the contrast between the crispy exterior and the fudgey center of the brownie. Abby feels firmly that the center piece is superior saying, “it’s moister and the edge is always too crusty.” Abby prefers her brownie to have the same texture throughout and without any crunch.

#6 Should Fries be Dipped in Milkshakes?

We’ve all seen people dip their french fries in their milkshake. Seeing this might make your mouth water, but some people strongly disapprove of the idea of milkshakes and french fries in the same bite. Maddy, a special education major, loves the combination, saying “You get the smooth ice cream and crunchiness of the fries and they just melt together perfectly in your mouth.” Maddy loves the different textures and the contrast of sweet and salty flavors in the same bite. Matt does not feel the same way. He thinks that milkshakes and french fries should be eaten separately. He claims that “chocolate and potato do not go together. It’s the weirdest combination”. Matt does not like how the starchy flavor of the potato mixes with sweet creaminess of the milkshake.

So, you’ve heard both sides. Have your opinions changed?

Whichever side of each debate you belong on, I think we can all agree to disagree.