For centuries, traditional coffee has fueled Americans with the caffeine we need to work, play, and live life. Typically, Americans enjoy coffee either black, or with milk and sugar. While it’s certainly hard to resist a classic cup of Joe, “butter coffee” has recently emerged, threatening coffee’s monopoly over our mornings. Here’s why the frothy, foamy, wellness-boosting beverage should be your new morning elixir.

So ... What is Butter Coffee?

Pioneered by Bulletproof Coffee, butter coffee is a blended coffee beverage consisting of fresh-brewed black coffee, and the healthy fat of your choice - typically butter. While this may sound revolting, butter coffee is surprisingly creamy and frothy, much like the latte you would drop $6 on at Starbucks every morning. The fat emulsifies with the coffee to create a luscious and smooth beverage that will taste rich and decadent.

How Will Butter Coffee Change My Life? 

The key benefit of butter coffee is its impact on wellness, particularly on energy levels. You will enjoy the energizing power of the caffeine in coffee, but the satisfying fats in the butter will sustain your appetite for hours, while preventing the “crash” that caffeine can cause. Essentially, butter coffee will keep you full and energized. Now how’s that for a productivity boost?

How to Make the Perfect Batch of Butter Coffee

If the idea of adding pure grease to your morning Joe is unappealing (or if you're vegan), there are plenty of alternatives. At the core, all you need is a healthy fat. I personally avoided adding pure butter to my coffee, and instead opted for a combination of tahini and coconut oil. The end result was creamy and delicious, and tasted like a richer version of coffee. 

If you truly want to step up your health game, opt for MCT oil, which improves cognitive function. Other add-ons you can include in your next batch are maca powder - an adaptogen which has been shown to improve energy levels and concentration - and cinnamon or turmeric, which both provide an antioxidant and flavor boost. If its protein and radiant skin you're after, collagen powder is a great option for non-vegans too. 

So, next time that you’ve pulled an all-nighter studying, need to prepare for a hectic day in the office, or are looking for a new twist on your morning coffee routine, add some healthy fats to your morning cup of Joe for a wellness experience you won’t soon forget.