Of course, just when you reach your favorite secluded lighthouse, your pizza craving hits. In the past, you’ve had no other option but to lose your mind. At least, that’s what happens when I want pizza and can’t have it. Thankfully for my friends and family and the rest of humanity, Domino’s Pinpoint makes it  possible to deliver your pizza just about anywhere (well, almost anywhere, but more on that later).

What is Domino’s Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is a new technology that will allow the pizza chain to deliver to nearly anywhere in the United States provided there’s a Domino’s location within the usual distance range required for delivery (at max, 6-7 miles). Domino’s introduced a similar program, Domino’s Anywhere, to Australia and New Zealand in 2017.

How to use Domino’s Pinpoint

All you need to do is open the Domino’s app and drop a pin on their map. Importantly, the pin must be dropped in a safe location (if you’re inside a shark, call 911 instead). Once you’ve dropped your pin at a safe pickup spot, you can confirm the location through the app. Then, use Domino’s order tracker to follow the progress of your pizza and delivery driver, receiving text alerts when your order has arrived.

The new service doesn’t add extra fees to the delivery process, so don’t worry about your delivery budget becoming more of a burden to your finances than it already is.

Important things to know about Domino’s Pinpoint

Domino’s asks the customer for a physical description for greater accuracy of service. For example, if I ordered pizza right now, I would describe myself as The woman with the cat in a baby björn and a pair of sick orange Nike slides. If that feels too personal, you can activate “spotlight” on the tracker page to display a full Domino’s logo on your phone screen for the delivery driver.

Remember, Domino’s can deliver to any location that’s reachable by car and by customer, so please no funny business (I’m looking at you, mountain climbers).