October; the month where it starts getting colder than my soul, which calls for a higher consumption of warmer foods, including pizza. Did you know that October is National Pizza Month? Neither did I until recently. Startled by such news, I didn't know how to start getting on my pizza game until ezCater came around into my life. 

What's the deal?

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Megan Japczyk

Did you know that so far this year, offices nationwide have consumed 67.6 million lbs of ‘za? Neither did I. I don't think that I have a basic understanding of how much pizza that actually is, but whatever that number is, I'm with it. Despite the popularity of a classic cheese pizza, offices aren’t shying away from adding toppings, since according to ezCater, the perfect office pizza would be 33% cheese, 29% of a meat topping, 11% veggies and 27% “custom” toppings. Custom toppings include, but aren't limited to, butternut squash ricotta cranberry, pineapple salsa bacon and fresh jalapeño, chicken club 'za, taco pizza, chicken tikka masala, and sriracha chicken avocado. Quite the interesting set of combos if you ask me.. scratch that, I wasn't asked. The nice thing about pizza is that it remains the official Friday junior pick me up in offices, with 22.1% of all pizza orders being requested on Friday junior... aka Thursday. Within the past year, American offices have spent almost 90 million dollars on cheese pizza alone... that's a whole lot of cheese pizza for National Pizza Month. The nice thing about that quick fact is that it just so happens to be more than double the highest paid NBA player's salary for a year... guess he needs some pizza too.

What else is there to know?

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Emily Waples

The weight amount equivalent to how much pizza offices order on a yearly basis equals 33,800 tons of pizza... that's basically the weight of 23,550 cars. The thing with National Pizza Month is that 'za is 'za, regardless of if you get a cheap 99 cent slice, or if you get your 'za from Artichoke or any other artisanal pizza shop. Isn't that nice to know? Toppings, plain, or straight up cheese, it doesn't matter how you consume pizza during National Pizza Month since by the end of the day, it's all pizza that's going straight into your stomach... and out the other end... tmi, I know.