Extra, extra, read all about it! The newly opened Pizza Press at the Pearl Highlands Center in Pearl City allows customers to publish their own newsworthy pizzas.

The Pizza Press offers more topping selections than many other build-your-own individual size pizza joints. The restaurant's noteworthy beer selection—a delectable selection of craft beers from local breweries, such as Waikiki Brewing Company and Honolulu Beerworks—is just as newsworthy as the infinite pizza combinations here. But that's not all, you won't want to leave without indulging in an extravagant dessert of fresh-baked cookies, ice cream, rootbeer float, or a decadent ice cream sandwich.

Corina Quach


The Pizza Press in Pearl City is the first to open in Hawaii. The Pizza Press, similar to Pieology at Hale Mahana near UH, gives customers the opportunity to customize their own individual size pizzas from the crust—think gluten-free, whole wheat, etc.—to the sauce, toppings, and even seasonings, greens, and drizzles after going through the lightning-speed ovens. Diners can also opt to "publish" their own salads for a lighter choice or to add as a side to pizza so they can feel 'healthier' (guilty)! However, we've noticed that The Pizza Press is unique due to its bigger focus on craft beer and a wider range of toppings and sauces—goat cheese is a life-changing pizza topping that can be experienced there. The restaurant also offers thick, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream for a sweet dessert each on their own, or combined into a hearty ice cream sandwich or to make a soda float. 

Corina Quach

The Process

The restaurant's epic pizza line begins with the option to start with a regular or gluten-free 11-inch personal size crust. Next at the sauce station, customers are asked which sauce (or a mixture of sauces for those who are indecisive) they would like on their pizza—choices include red sauce, spicy red sauce, white sauce, pink sauce, olive oil. Customers are then able to pick which cheeses (vegan cheese, Perlini mozzarella, gorgonzola, sharp cheddar, and goat cheese are a portion of the extensive cheese list) and unlimited toppings they would like—some particularly newsworthy toppings offered are caramelized onions, roasted garlic cloves, bourbon bacon (a must-try), scallions, squash, the list goes on. After each order of pizza is given a number and sent through the specialty fast-fired oven for a speedy bake, customers can choose which "Finishers" they would like to add as a finishing touch, from sauces such as balsamic glaze and pesto, to dressings including Caesar and ranch, to toppings such as fresh basil and arugula. Upon checking out, diners can also choose to add a side salad or garlic cheesy bread to their order. 

For those who choose to explore the more wholesome route, The Pizza Press also offers signature salads or a build-it-yourself salad in which diners would create via the same route as they would for pizza.

Corina Quach


Any craft beer fanatic will fall in love after seeing the many on-tap displays at the check-out counter. After turning around and running into the full bar, complete with a widescreen TV playing sports channels, he/she will never leave. Unlike other fast-fired individual-size pizza joints, The Pizza Press places greater focus on local and select mainland artisan beers. In addition to the immense bar across from the pizza line, another highlight of this place is the craft beer flight that gives customers the opportunity to try a personalized tasting of the many fine local beers and ciders that are available for purchase. The newly opened Paradise Ciders and other local favorites, such as Honolulu Beerworks and Kona Brewing Company, are a few of the many options on tap. Keiki won't miss out either, the popular Island Root Beer from Maui Brewing Company is also available and refreshingly delicious.

Sweet Endings

True food lovers don't simply stop after eating a one-of-a-kind pizza. Of course, we always make it a point to treat ourselves and get dessert! How sweet, The Pizza Press always has us covered with daily fresh-baked chunky chocolate chip cookies and luscious vanilla ice cream. Although you could get the ice cream and cookies alone, or combine the ice cream with soda for a float, we highly recommend getting a scrumptiously sinful ice cream sandwich for the ultimate post-pizza treat. 

Corina Quach

The Pizza Press brings good news to creative pizza journalists, craft beer fanatics, and sweet tooths all over the island. The restaurant's massive customizable pizza toppings list, varietal local artisan beer and cider menu, and freshly made desserts need no further explanation. Next time you're in Pearl City, come experience this newsworthy pizza joint for yourself.

Corina Quach