2023 food trends are all about health goals. More people looking for plant-based food options, adopting “Meatless Mondays,” or even following sometime controversial trends like #watertok in the name of hydration. But the latest diet food trend on TikTok, dipping veggies in cottage cheese and mustard, has us confused and intrigued. 

Where did the viral cottage cheese and mustard trend start?

It’s summer, and many of us are looking to TikTok to inspire us with tips to be our healthiest and happiest selves. TikTok creator Tiffany Elizabeth (@tiffanyymagee) started as many creators do,  documenting her daily life and weight-loss journey, including her meals and progress towards her goals. She records herself almost daily in her car, at home, or at work munching down on celery, hearts of palm, broccoli, carrots, chicken sausage, and other lean proteins and veggies. But viewers were shook as they realized the accompanying condiments were cottage cheese and mustard. To make it worse, they were touching

But in only a matter of weeks, Tiffany has gained over 714,000 followers and over 15 million likes on TikTok, and we’re over here still trying to figure out if this food trend is good or gross. While we love to watch her progress toward her health goals, we really just want to see what she dips in her cottage cheese and mustard combo next.

Why I love this viral cottage cheese and mustard trend

As far as diet trends go, I think that the viral cottage cheese and mustard trend actually makes a lot of sense. Tiffany always features plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins, like the chicken sausage she uses in her meal videos, and her portion sizes are always plentiful. I love when diet trends don’t focus on eating less, but on eating better. The cottage cheese and mustard trend may not offer a ton of individual health benefits, but they offer contrast and flavor to the plain, raw fruit and vegetable that tend to bore and discourage us when we’re trying to eat healthier. The somewhat sweet and creamy texture of the cottage cheese bears a sharp contrast to the yellow mustard, and as Tiffany dips, she gets to experience her food in a way that keeps it flavorful and exciting for all of us to watch.

Is this just another diet food fad, or does it kind of make sense?

Unlike some other weight-loss food trends you may have seen on TikTok, this trend actually does seem to have some health benefits, though it may not be directly related to the cottage cheese and mustard combo. Nutritionist Mary Sabat told Her Campus that she can see the merit in this trend, stating that “Mustard is a low-calorie condiment that can add flavor to dishes without significantly increasing the calorie content,” but also that while “Both mustard and cottage cheese can be nutritious options, but it’s important to consider the entire meal and ensure it provides a balanced mix of nutrients.” The positive takeaway from this trend is that it focuses on keeping you interested in your fruit and veggies during your weight-loss journey, which will help keep you from getting bored with bland meals with no flavor as you work towards your fitness goals.