Ever since I started cooking for myself, I've been on a quest to discover the best chicken sausage at the grocery store. For me, it's the best way to incorporate protein into my diet without having to go out of my way to cook large batches of things like meatballs or splurge on more expensive individual portions at the grocery store.

Chicken sausage lovers everywhere know that it's a great protein source because it's lower in fat than traditional sausage and relatively inexpensive. I hope that I can save you the trouble of shopping around and risking buying chicken sausage that's below average in taste or unnecessarily expensive. Here are the best chicken sausage brands to keep your eye out for.


Bilinksi's is a company focused entirely on chicken sausage, with chicken meatball and sausage patty offshoots of their primary product. Their dedication to chicken sausage shows through in the flavor.

Since 1989 Bilinski's has used only humanely-raised, free-range, antibiotic-free chickens. From there, they are dedicated to using only real ingredients to flavor their sausages, which means no artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Bilinski's products are most widely available in the refrigerator isle of Whole Foods, where you'll find a combination of all-natural chicken sausages and organic chicken sausages to choose from. They have the usual Italian, which is delicious, but I would recommend trying a less traditional flavor like Carrot, Ginger and Quinoa or Spicy Mango Cajun. 

Trader Joe's

Although Trader Joe's chicken sausages are not widely available at a range of grocery stores, it's safe to say that they're worth a special trip. They come in packs of five for roughly $3.99, depending on the flavor. They're all around 100 calories per link, the perfect protein portion size for adding to a variety of starches and veggies.

My personal favorite flavor is Spicy Jalepeño because it has the perfect hint of spice without overwhelming other flavors in whatever dish you're making. I would also recommend the Roasted Garlic flavor, especially if you have some pesky vampires you're trying to keep away. 

Market Made at Whole Foods

What I love about the Market-made chicken sausages at Whole Foods are that I know exactly where and how they were processed. Each store makes them in-house, which not only guarantees freshness, but it also ensures cleanliness in the packaging facility. Check out your local Whole Foods for flavor options. 

Because they're not pre-cooked, these sausages are a perfect substitute for pork sausage when you're grilling. They have a lower fat content, however, so be careful not to overcook or they will dry out.

Applegate Organics

Applegate Organics is the first chicken sausage brand I'm highlighting that's available at a wide variety of stores. You should have no trouble finding it at your local Kroger, Harris Teeter, or Whole Foods, among other stores

Applegate is dedicated to being non-GMO, sourcing meats with no antibiotics, and adding no artificial ingredients. They offer a huge variety of proteins from corn dogs to deli meats to Italian sausage and everything in between. 

Although I found the Applegate chicken sausage flavors to be a little lackluster because they were so light on spices compared to other brands, the category where they went above and beyond is breakfast chicken sausage. Whether you like omelettes or breakfast burritos, this is the best chicken sausage brand to keep around for breakfast. 

Al Fresco

Al Fresco is another chicken sausage brand that's widely available across a variety of grocery stores, including Food Lion, Kroger, Harris Teeter, and Wegmans. The only thing that tops their availability is the huge range of flavors that they offer in both cooked and fresh varieties. 

Although they don't get quite as adventurous as Bilinski's in their offerings, there are 10 cooked flavors and six fresh flavors to choose from. For a little taste of the grill from a precooked sausage, try the Sweet and Smoky BBQ flavor. Or, if you're looking for a healthier chicken wing substitute, try Buffalo Style with Blue Cheese. 

#SpoonTip: Unless you're planning on grilling or using the sausage in place of ground beef, I would recommend going cooked for quicker prep time.


If you're looking to cook up a bunch of chicken sausage for a crowd, Premio should be your go-to brand. They're available wherever you would usually buy wholesale food, including Costco, Sam's Club, and Walmart. 

Although the flavors are limited to a few different spins on basic Italian sausage, they're flavorful and inexpensive. They also offer antibiotic-free varieties, which you should definitely pay the extra price for. Because they're not precooked, they're the perfect candidate for grilling. 

#SpoonTip: Choosing antibiotic-free meats not only helps to protect the health of workers at large-scale chicken farms and ensure chickens are treated more humanely, but it will also help to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria from adapting, which could be extremely dangerous for people everywhere. 


If you're a frequenter of Publix, I have a brand of chicken sausage for you too. GreenWise is a Publix brand made up of products that are organic, free of artificial ingredients, or antibiotic-free. For GreenWise chicken sausage, this means that the meat is antibiotic-free, minimally processed, and never frozen. Although it only comes in three Italian sausage-based flavors, I personally am perfectly satisfied.

Because the sausages are fresh, they make for a perfect addition to soups or can be reshaped into patties or meatballs. When you think of it as a ground beef substitute in Italian dishes, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Now that I've given you the who's who of the best chicken sausage brands on the market, you can pick up your protein with confidence. Not only are these brands all flavorful and protein packed, but they can be used in an endless variety of recipes.