Ever since we all got old enough to depart from the kids menu, spaghetti and meatballs doesn’t get ordered as often. This dish takes a back seat to more exciting items like pumpkin ravioli, gnocchi and carbonara. Spaghetti can take that back seat. It’s really nothing special, but that means that meatballs are getting the short end of the stick.

Meatballs. The only real reason why they still need to be associated with spaghetti is when you’re talking about Lady and the Tramp.


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These thin noodles are holding back the incredible potential of the meatball. There is so much that this originally Italian creation can truly do, and all with its closest companion, gravy (aka sauce).

The possibilities are endless, but let’s talk about a few.

Straight Up


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Let’s start first with the OG of recipes, straight up meatballs. As someone with no Italian heritage, I always wished that I had someone to cook me meatballs from scratch. That being said, this recipe from Spoon Northwestern chapter does exactly the trick. This turkey meatball spin is fresh, easy to make, and goes great with your favorite red sauce recipe, or the one provided.



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Mini meatballs just make it more acceptable to eat more of them. And put them between a bun? Spoon’s Northwestern University chapter shows us exactly how to make the perfect snack to serve to a group or just to have on your own. Just thinking about taking a bite of that bread soaked in gravy is mouthwatering.

Do It With Chicken


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The Meatball Shop is an internationally sought after spot when visiting NYC. This recipe from Spoon’s NYU chapter gives some insight to their chicken meatballs.

Mac ‘n Cheese?


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Spoon HQ even got to hang out with Daniel Holzman, owner of The Meatball Shop in NYC. He showed the tips and trick on how to make Mac ‘n Cheese meatballs. This shiz is a step beyond those stuffed meatballs.

And if you’re feeling insane, Cheetos


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Spoon’s UC-Riverside chapter was feeling as ambitious as some of you do when you cook. They coated your favorite Italian specialty with your favorite drunk snack, and succeeded.



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We all love meatballs, but some of us have gone veggie. And that’s ok, you can still enjoy this wonderful Italian specialty with Spoon’s University of Michigan chapter. Everyone is trying that zucchini as pasta fad, but if you’ve learned anything, it’s the meatball’s time to shine. So eat your veggies and soak ’em in gravy.

And remember friends, they don’t always have to be spicy!


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Lots of authentic Italian restaurants have meatballs on their menu to eat on their own, because that’s just how good they are. Try them by themselves, because spaghetti might be holding them back a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pasta dish, but these things can stand on their own.