Whenever you take your hot girl walk in the morning to class, on your way to work, or simply on a free Sunday afternoon, it's always done best with an iced coffee in hand, of course. I mean, when has an iced oat milk latte from a local shop in one hand and your phone playing your fave podcast in the other hand not been the absolute best way to spend a day? Some city-based coffee drinkers have noticed that their typical order served in a paper or plastic to-go cup has been replaced with *gasp* a large coffee bag, otherwise looking like an adult Capri Sun pouch.

Now, these styles of plastic bags paired with a straw have been super popular this summer with hosts of pool parties wanting to share their fruity cocktails and mocktails in a fun way. Additionally, New Orleans' famous Vampire Cafe even sells wine in "blood bags" to fit the theme. While these drink pouches can be super fun and novel, coffee drinkers are super divided on the onslaught of coffee bags.  

What are people saying about coffee bags?

In a recent TikTok by @crelyea12, it became obvious that coffee bags are not conducive to a busy morning in New York City. 

"This is turning a very pleasant task of getting a coffee and walking around into a wildly embarrassing moment from high school," the user shared. "Captain Planet himself told us that plastic bags are bad, and now we're just gonna backtrack on that narrative?" 

He has a point, after all. Both these drink pouches and coffee cups are single-use plastics that can't be recycled. 

Another TikTok user @nolitadirtbag is also displeased with this new New York City coffee shop idea.

They said, "I just paid $7.50 for this IV bag of iced coffee. Do they know how stupid you look holding this at 8:30 a.m. (actually any time). Really upsetting start to my day."

However, if you have the chance to sit down and enjoy your iced latte on a bench outside or in your own home with a friend, then the coffee bags aren't a bad idea at all. TikTok user @loocieshoe shows how adorable these bags can be, especially for Instagram. 

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