Barbie is very possibly the most anticipated movie of the summer, and with less than a month until it premieres, more and more brands are partnering with the film to create official Barbie movie merchandise, including these five 'Barbie' movie food collabs. From popcorn to lemonade, these are the perfect gifts or snacks to have when planning your watch parties and midnight screenings of the new film.

Swoon Pink Lemonade

Swoon, the zero sugar drink brand, released a lemonade collaboration with Barbie, and it’s one of the most highly advertised partnerships so far. The company not only created a limited-edition lemonade (both the drink and can are pink, of course), but also a Barbie x Swoon-themed refrigerator and baby cooler. This partnership also gives back, with 10% of net sales from the collab going toward the Barbie Dream Gap Project , an initiative to encourage young girls to keep dreaming and empower them to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

N!ck’s Strawberry White Ice Cream Bar

Swedish ice cream brand N!ck’s recently rebranded their Strawberry White Ice Cream Bar into a Barbie-themed package. This ice cream on a stick is a vanilla/strawberry-flavored dream, and its pink color creates a connection to Barbie even without the rebrand. Unfortunately, it seems as though this product is only available in Sweden, for the time being. Though perhaps with the movie premiere looming closer, this Barbie ice cream bar will make its way to the United States, because I sure would love to try it!

Pinkberry Barbie Land Berry Pink FroYo

Everyone’s favorite frozen yogurt chain, Pinkberry, recently announced their new flavor — Barbie Land Berry Pink. This new pink flavor is a blend of dragon fruit and strawberry, and the official Barbie topping for this new frozen yogurt treat are Dream Sprinkles, which combine pink jimmies with little white stars and silver glitter. 

Propercorn Sweet Popcorn

The Sweet Popcorn you know and love is getting a Barbie rebrand. While this is not a new flavor or recipe, the Propercorn Sweet Popcorn’s traditional pink bag is getting even pinker, with a Barbie sweepstakes involved, giving consumers the opportunity to win a trip to California.

Glasshouse Fragrances Barbie Dreamhouse Candle

While a candle does not count as food, the scent of this Barbie-inspired candle will likely remind of something tasty. With notes of raspberry, strawberry, elderberry, black currant, brown sugar, and mint, the only thing about this candle that won’t seem edible is its other flavor note of “plastic doll accord.” Besides the scent being inspired by Barbie, the packaging is as well. The design of the candle has drawings of different iconic Barbies across it, and the container the candle comes in is bright pink and striped featuring the Barbie logo.

As it gets closer and closer to July 21, it seems like a new Barbie movie collab is dropping every day. Which one are you most excited to try?