Whether your Stanley Cup collection is vast with every exclusive color under the sun or you're waiting for your birthday to roll around to ask for your first $40+ tumbler, it's fair to point out there are many dupes that are worth trying out. After all, the giant 40-ounce tumbler with its own big handle has become an iconic look, even if there happens to be some leaking that comes with the straw. From Five Below's $5 lookalike to the Amazon water bottle favorite Simple Modern travel mug, there are so many dupes to choose from. Fortunately, you'll be able to grab a stellar Stanley Quencher-style tumbler from Adventuridge on your next grocery run with the new Aldi Stanley tumbler dupe. 

How much does the Aldi Stanley tumbler dupe cost?

Luckily, the Aldi Stanley dupe, which first appeared in stores on August 30, will only set you back $10. They come in many cute muted tones including a taupe, sky blue, and gray.

TikTok user @sugarandrocks also noted that Aldi is selling studded 24-ounce tumblers in the style of Starbucks' popular options for only $6.

How can I get an Aldi Stanley tumbler dupe?

These dupes have been quick to sell out, even after being freshly stocked. So, you may need to visit a few Aldi locations if you're looking for this specific cup. Additionally, TikTok user @popopigsout shared that Aldi tends to restock their "aisle of shame" on Wednesday. 

How does the Aldi Stanley tumbler dupe hold up?

TikTok user @txfrugalfinds noted that the most major difference is the lid as the dupe has a bigger straw opening and a cover to close the straw opening that moves up and down, as opposed to the Stanley's swivel cover. Both the Stanley and the dupe will leak if flipped.

Beyond this, TikTok user Kayla Salazar put both the Stanley and its Aldi dupe to the test in a 25-hour challenge. "The cups are exactly the same. All of the ice is melted, but the water is still cold," she said.