It's finally happened: Antigonish has gotten their own Burger Week (shoutout to Spoon StFX). From November 21st - 27th, ten participating restaurants will feature an original "Ultimate Student Burger" on their menu. The burger will only be on their menu for the week, so you'll have to get it while you can.

Sticker cards will be available at all ten locations. Every time you purchase a featured burger, you'll be able to collect a sticker for that location on your card. Collect 3 stickers throughout the week and you'll be eligible for a draw to win some gift cards (aka free food). Just put your card with your info on the back into the box located at the Info Desk at the SUB — it's as simple as that.

To get ready for this wonderful event, here is a closer look at the locations participating and the wonderful burgers they'll be flipping all week long:

The Townhouse

tea, coffee, beer
Devon McCarron

This hidden pub off of Main Street is ready for the first ever Antigonish Burger Week. Located at 76 College Street, this spot will be featuring their Korean Pork Burger all week long: local pork with a gochujang & sesame sauce, shredded veggies and a house-made kimchi aioli. Known for their chill atmosphere and great booze, you'll probably want to grab a drink with this one. 

Dream Catchers

Across the street, this local spot will be featuring their Dylan’s Dijon Swiss Cheese Burger. Known for their Wonton Nachos (R.I.P.), this joint has already proven they make good food — and they love seeing students stop by. Make sure to grab the half pounds of local lean ground beef, granola, Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese, two slices of bacon, put to bed between our homemade cheese buns. 

Brownstone Cafe

pizza, beer, tea
Devon McCarron

The classic date spot for StFX students. Brownstone will be serving up their Brownstone Burger for you no matter what night date night is this week. This burger looks like the perfect way to impress your new Tinder match with lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced red onion, aged & sharp cheddar cheese and a generous portion of our homemade garlic aioli.


"All roads lead to..." A location all StFX students know well. Conveniently located right on campus, the Golden X Inn will be featuring their Super Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger this week. You had me at peanut butter.  

#Spoon tip: you get to use DCB at this location so you can thank mom & dad for checking this one off

The Bloomfield Cafe: SUB

Emma Weir

Just when you thought participating in Burger Week couldn't get any easier, the SUB is joining in. Stop by the Burger Station in the Bloomfield Cafe on 2nd floor SUB between classes to try out their Feelin' Blue Burger: a perfectly grilled burger smothered in provolone, Swiss & blue cheese dressing, topped with spinach and caramelized onions all in between a Focaccia bun. 

#Spoon tip: this can also be swiped from DCB — mom and dad coming in clutch 

Justamere Cafe & Bistro

A hidden gem in Antigonish. Justamere Cafe is located behind the familiar NSLC at 137 Church Street. Their featured Mexican Burger is sure to win you over, but the rest of their menu is great too. Their featured burger has a homemade patty topped with lettuce, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, Monterey Jack cheese & tortilla strips. You've officially just added a new favourite to your list.

Tall & Small Cafe

beer, pizza, coffee, wine
Devon McCarron

A town favourite, this spot is frequently visited by the students of StFX. Though their beloved Turkey Pesto is hard to resist, you might just swap your regular order for their featured burger this week. And let's be real, you'll probably order a homemade cookie on the way out.


Vegetarians, vegans and gluten free eaters rejoice: you've just got your golden ticket into Burger Week. Though this little joint in the yellow house of 18 College Street is known for their vegan chocolates, tea and coffee, they always feature a lunch special. This week they'll be serving up their Chickpea Burger topped with avocado, lime, tomato, and caramelized onions.

#Spoon tip: ask the other participating restaurants that have veggie burgers on their regular menu to sub in a veggie patty to their featured burger to get the full Burger Week experience

Split Crow 

Emma Weir

If you haven't stopped by this late night spot for dinner before, you're missing out. Their Tower of Power Burger is the real challenge this week. Finish the two beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, sliced ham, Chris Brothers Pepperoni crowned with a battered onion ring, piled high on a butter grilled pretzel bun with fries and win free Crow Swag. Are you up for the challenge?

Piper's Pub

Usually visited on Saturday for their dance floor, Piper's should be more well know for their great food. This week, they've added the The Texican Burger to their menu: a 6oz Tex Mex seasoned ground beef and pork patty stuffed with cheddar, Monterey Jack and jalapeño slices. All topped with house made chipotle mayo, refried beans, guacamole, lettuce, grilled pineapple ring and bacon. 

For more info on Spoon StFX's Antigonish Burger Week checkout the Facebook event here. Also make sure to tune into the @SpoonTV Snapchat story on Tuesday, November 22nd to see Antigonish Burger Week in action. For now, go forth and dig in.