When the MacLean’s annual rankings came out last month, some were not surprised when StFX ranked #1 as the Nation’s Top Party School. As a close community we like to be social and go out together, but as students we also need to recover the next morning so we can hit the books. To help with your hangover recovery before heading to the lib we have composed a list of 7 of the best hangover brunches in the quaint town of Antigonish.

1. A Breakfast Sandwich from The Waffle Bus Stop


Photo By Casidhe Gardiner

Whether it is a trip to the Saturday market wearing sunglasses and bottle of water in hand or going to their newly acquired location on the corner of St. Ninians St. and College, these waffles always make for a great hangover breakfast and are sure to satisfy any salty, savoury, or sweet cravings you may have the morning after.

2. Tim’s Coffee and Bagel B.E.L.T.


Photo courtesy of timhortons.com

What’s better than a black coffee and a Bagel B.E.L.T. to get the body functioning after a thrilling night at the Inn? With your choice between a bagel, biscuit, English muffin, and now a croissant, you are bound to leave with a grin on your face knowing that you are in for a treat.

3. The Snow Queen’s All Day Breakfast


Photo by Caitlyn Ramsay

You can always count on leaving the Snow Queen satisfied the morning after a night of Res hopping. With some of their staple breakfast combos such as the Snow Queen Breakfast or the infamous X-Men’s Breakfast, they have a choice to meet everyone’s breakfast needs. Stop in to Where the Locals Eat for a enjoyable hungover breakfast.

4. The Breakfast Buffet At The Prissy Pig


Photo courtesy of prissypig.ca

Located on the edge of Main Street, Prissy Pig provides an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet every Saturday and Sunday. With their meat coming from the local butcher shop, an array of fresh fruit and a pan of pancakes, you will be leaving feeling rejuvenated and ready for some studying or a weekend bender.

5. Leftover Pizza


Photo courtesy of snappytomato.com

Here at StFX and in Antigonish we pride ourselves in having some of the best pizza, whether a fan of Kenny’s or the Wheel. So what’s better than warming up a slice of your favourite from the night before? You can also toss a fried egg on top to add an extra breakfast feel which will make you feel less guilty about eating pizza for breakfast.

6. Meal Hall Brunch


Photo courtesy of stfx.ca

After not having a meal plan for a year, there is something special about getting swiped into MH for Brunch. Being able to customize your breakfast, and having the choice of getting a bowl of ice-cream before 12 noon, is a real treat. Not to mention the MH water seems to have a rejuvenating effect on the body (it may be because of the extra lead content but no one is 100% sure).

7. Justamere Café‘s Eggs Benedict

Photo By Justamere Café

Photo curtesy of justamere.ca

One of the few places in town where you can get egg’s benny and also one of the best kept secret in town for any meal. This café tucked beside the mall is the perfect place to go on a Saturday morning to kick the hangover to the curb so you can get on with your day.