Eating out trying to find gluten free can be tough. The reality is, most of us who need gluten free can feel awkward when asking a restaurant if they offer gluten free options, especially if you're new to a small town such as Antigonish. Even if you know that they offer gluten free options, there is no way to know how it's going to taste

To spare you that situation, here is a handful of restaurants in Antigonish that offer some spectacular gluten free options that you really need to try out!

The Tall and Small Café

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Devon McCarron

Feeling a tad peckish for a light lunch? Try the turkey pesto sandwich from this adorable small town café. The homemade bread is just so soft and bread-like, unlike most gluten free bread we have come to know and not love. With the creamy pesto sauce, succulent turkey and crunchy cucumber slices to match —get ready for the best sandwich ever

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Photo courtesy of Steve MacDougall

And it gets better — they have gluten free brownies. You take the first bite and it's crispy on the outside, but so warm and soft on the inside. Every once in awhile you come across some big chunks of chocolate or a crispy piece of a walnut. From the first bite to the last crumb, it's just pure bliss.

Little Christo's Pizzeria and Eatery

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Devon McCarron

Need a feeling of home cooked meals? This Mediterranean restaurant offers a variety of gluten free options including, but not limited to, lasagna and gourmet pizzas. The lasagna always excites me because that is a rare find in the world of gluten free.

For desserts, you can never leave without having one of their chocolate macaroons. The rich chocolate flavour mixed with the coconut is a match made in gluten free heaven.

Kenny's Pizza

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Devon McCarron

Who likes late night, post-pub snacks? All of us. Kenny's Pizza is an awesome place to get a gluten free late night treat with your friends to cure the drunchies.

They have a gluten free crust available and can make it into any pizza you so desire (ie. garlic fingers because, yum). And a plus to getting gluten free: you can only get it in a medium sized crust so sharing the pizza with pals is an option if you're feeling generous.

The Town House Brew Pub and Eatery

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Devon McCarron

This Irish pub style restaurant has a large variety of gluten free options. A personal favourite of mine is the bangers and mash, which consists of a sausage with mashed potatoes and gravy — perfect for a chilly fall night.

For a lighter fair, try their pulled pork potato skins. The pulled pork is done in a tomato sauce and it all comes in a hot skillet keeping the potato skins perfectly crisp. 

The Waffle Bus Stop

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Devon McCarron

This new addition to the Antigonish restaurant scene is a masterpiece in itself. Who doesn't love waffles in sandwich form? Their gluten free waffles are probably going to save your life. Or, at least save the day. 

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Devon McCarron

Basically all of their sandwich choices are gluten free so you can pick from a wide variety. In the most basic form, we have the classic Liege waffle, which is one of the sweeter choices. This waffle keeps it simple with just a dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon.

#SpoonTip for if you are severely intolerant to gluten, the wheat waffles are made on the same grill as the gluten free waffles so be cautious.

Brownstone Café

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Devon McCarron

Need a date idea for your special gluten free someone? Brownstone Café is the perfect option with it's fabulous array of gourmet burgers with a romantic atmosphere (without breaking your bank). 

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Devon McCarron

A great gluten free pick is the Scotia Burger. Its main features are caramelized onions, maple bacon and maple syrup drizzled on top of the patty. It's a burger very true to our Canadian culture, so what's not to love?

Now that you have learned about all of these scrumptious places, I only have one question for you: Which are you going to try today?