I’d like to consider myself a vet when it comes to eating in Antigonish. I’m a proud townie and not a “comefromaway”. Let’s just say living in res at 18 was not my first experience with The Wheel. But be you townie or comefromaway, there’s no question StFX and Antigonish have some damn good eats. Here’s a guide for every occasion.

1. When you’re craving drunk eats at 2 am: Kenny’s

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Photo by Emma Weir

We all know this reality a little too well: if it’s 2 am you’re probably coming from the Pub. A controversial debate on campus but after a night out, like a true Xaverian, there’s only one thing you want – pizza. And whether Team Kenny’s or Team Wheel, being located right across from the Pub, Kenny’s sure makes a convenient argument.

Townie Tip: Unless you’ve found love on the dance floor, there’s no point being in the pub past 1:45 am. Jump over to Kenny’s early to grab a table and get a jump start on the line. Plus, tables make great seats to watch the drunken show that’s about to emerge come last call.

Location: Walk out of the Pub, go straight. You’ve been drinking, let’s keep this simple.

2. You’re going on a Tinder date: Townhouse

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Photo courtesy of @townhouse_rosie on Instagram

This place has got everything you need for the awkward first date: few students (so if the date goes poorly no one has to know), good drinks to take off the edge and low flattering lighting. Everyone wins.

Townie Tip: If you’re looking to impress, Townhouse uses all local sourced ingredients from around Nova Scotia, which you can use as a fun fact if the conversation dies down. Bonus if you’re there on a Friday or Saturday night so that the live music will drown out the awkwardness.

Location: Go to the Pub, keep walking and Townhouse will be two blocks down on your right.

3.You’re parents are visiting and they’re footing the bill: Gabrieau’s.

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Photo by Laura MacAulay

A) The owner Mark Gabrieau is an amazing guy B) He’ll sometimes organize cooking classes which will impress anytime you’re trying to pull out all the stops for someone and C) It’s as good as any gourmet restaurant you’ll get in a big city. Go for the Lobster & Snow Crab Ravioli or the Manhattan Striploin Steak, you can’t go wrong.

Townie Tip: If they’re a into cheap and simple wine, you’re parents are gonna hate this place – they’ve got a 16 page wine and champagne menu. Cheers.

Location: Go to the Wheel and keep going straight. First shop on the left side of Main Street.

4. You need to grab lunch for under $10 between classes: Bloomfield Café

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Photo courtesy of studentsns.ca

I say Bloomfield, but you could do KMC as well, it really doesn’t make a difference because everyone who knows anything knows you’re grabbing a custom Rita Wrap. Crispy chicken, crunchy veggies of your choice, throw in a little chipotle mayo and you’re laughing.

Townie Tip: If you’re pushing it to get to class because you just woke up, or that post 8:15 nap went a little long, you can sometimes find pre-made Rita Wraps at Mini Moes. Stop in, have a peak, could be a life saver.

Location: Make like you’re headed for wing night at The Inn and instead of waiting in line for 45 minutes to get into the bar, hang a right to pure deliciousness.

5. You’re cramming for exams and the library is full: Tall & Small Café

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Photo courtesy of @laurag.mo on Instagram

If you’re smart, you’re checking here first. Tall & Small is definitely a better vibe when stressed when compared to the packed “Harry Potter room” in the library.

Townie Tip: Get out of bed early (hard for even the most committed of exam crammers) and get down to the shop for opening at 7 am. Order coffee and turkey pesto sandwiches all day, keep your head down and push through that second year business math. As in the brave words of Annie: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow”, you’ll get through this.

Location: Gabrieau’s, Pizza Delight, Tall and Small. Go to one of the first two, skip it instead, and this small café will be on your right.

6. You’re craving seafood: Boyd’s Seafood Gallery

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Photo courtesy of halifaxbloggers.ca

I can’t believe I’m going to give this place up. Technically this one is in Antigonish County (different from the town of Antigonish), but it’s as good as the East Coast has to offer – fresh seafood right off the warf.

Townie Tip: So that you don’t embarrass yourself, Boyd’s is only open seasonally, which for any mainlanders out there means it’s only open so long as the fish are being caught in the region. Roughly translated this means go in the early fall, the East Coast is damn cold after November.

Location: This one is way out there. Take the road out of town like you’re headed to the hospital, keep going for 20 km, Cribbons Point Road we’ll be on your left and Boyd’s is at the very end. Cuddle up to a Townie for this one kids, you’re gonna need a car and a local’s sense of direction.

7. You’re “doing it for the Insta”: The Waffle Bus Stop 

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Photo by Casidhe Gardiner

Now I don’t usually Instagram my meals, mostly because I’m too busy shoveling them down before I can, however there are some among us who have turned food into art. If the Da Vinci of Antigonish is our Spoon Insta, then Waffle Bus Stop is undoubtedly our Mona Lisa.

Townie Tip: If you don’t want to have to wait in long lines for that perfect pic, go in on Monday – Wednesday. Anytime after that and you’ll run into some hungover students looking for that waffle cure.

Location: The iconic yellow building you hit before heading to the Pub or the Goodlife gym (depending on whether your preferred cardio is dancing or treadmills).

8. You turn *19*: Complete the Bar Circuit.

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Gif courtesy of buzzfeed.com

There’s a lot of things the States does right but there’s a lot of things Canada does better, the legal drinking age being one of one of them. Ten great provinces and three massive territories make up our great country and in the entirety of the great white north you can crack a cold one at 19 years of age. If you’re in Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec you’re smooth sailing once you hit 18.

Townie Tip: All bars are not created equal, and there is a specific bar for each night in Antigonish. Boston Pizza is great on Wednesday before wing night at the Inn because you can get $2.50 pints. Spilt Crow on Thursdays usually has live music as well as $2.50 beers while quantities last, usually not long. Come Friday the Inn, or any of the residence on University Ave will be pumping, and if you make it past that point, Saturday you can go to the Pub.

Location: Just follow the masses, there’s always something good happening on campus, and you’ll be welcomed in like family where ever you end up. Cheers.

9. You want to check out live music: The Golden X Inn

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Photo courtesy of @bretondoucet on Instagram

All roads lead to the Inn. It’s like moths to a flame. Wednesday nights are open mic so you get to hear all the talent X has to offer.

Townie Tip: If you get here early enough you won’t have to wait in line which it gets long come 11 pm. Also if you’re there early enough you can even get a set of wings to eat. Plus they accept DCB which means they’re on mom and dad.

Location: Enter the SUB (Student’s Union Building) and go to the second floor. Follow the music.

10. You’re hungover (& you have money): Snow Queen

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Photo by Caitlyn Ramsay

I felt this distinction was important to make, since there are some nights where you hit the pre-drinks better than others and don’t spend quite as much at the bar or end up at a house party and still have money to blow in the morning.

Townie Tip: Throw a $10 bill on the X-Men’s Breakfast. It’s the only place you’ll be able to get fish cakes, bacon/ham, two eggs, homefries, baked beans and toast. Grab a coffee, and remember you’ve only got 4 years of university town pricing so enjoy it while it lasts.

Location: Located on the fast food central of Antigonish right before McDonald’s.

11. You’re Hungover (and you’re bank account is sitting at $0.41): Meal Hall

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Photo courtesy of stfx.ca

Frosh make the world go round. Not only are they the future, but they also almost always have guest swipes.

Townie Tip: Start asking around to those with swipes around 11 am and hopefully someone will take pitty on you’re hungover soul and swipe you into meal hall via guest swipe. Once in, go nuts, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to hit to fountain of youth that is Meal Hall water.

Location: There is one and only one Meal Hall on campus, like many other things on campus, follow the crowd. The campus is physically too small to get lost.

12. You’re craving a slice: The Wheel

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Photo by Caitlyn Ramsay

You knew this was coming. There is no argument if you’re a townie. You grew up on the Wheel, and anyone who argues otherwise is obviously a comefromaway.

Townie Tip: If you’re not down for slice of the greatest pizza ever created, you can also go for the Athlete’s Special. $12 with delivery gets you a deep dish lasagna, a can of pop and two 6 inches garlic cheese breads with bacon. Plus the Wheel stays open till 3 am and under all sorts of conditions.

Location: Located just off campus diagonally from Schwartz when headed towards Main Street. If you get lost ask literally any townie or student, we all know this local star.