What's the point of physical cookbooks when you can access any recipe you would ever need through a simple blog post or YouTube video?

Despite the plethora of online resources, plenty of college students still prefer their printed cookbooks, and it turns out they have some solid reasons for keeping things old school. 

Who knows? After hearing the arguments, you too may feel inspired to go out and get a cookbook or three! 

The Aesthetic 

Colleen Daly

We are all guilty of decorating with books we never pick up, but what about something practical yet stylish? 

When you have a few cookbooks laying around, it serves as an opportunity to express yourself and give the kitchen a certain vibe. Whether you're a domestic goddess, granola person, or the grill master at every tailgate, there are cookbooks out there to fit your lifestyle.

Everybody is looking to add some new recipes to the mix, so cookbooks on your coffee table are great conversation starters for bonding with guests over your mutual love of food.   

Easier to Keep Track Of

cake, pizza
Laura Palladino

Be honest. Have you really plan on trying all 238 recipes you pinned to your "Food and Drink" board? While YouTube and Pinterest are wonderful for gathering as many recipes as your heart desires, all those saved posts and videos makes it that much easier to lose the one recipe you actually planned on trying.

Cookbooks keep things nice and organized, and with content centralized around certain types of cooking, you're far more likely to actually try a new recipe or two from it.   

Makes You Feel Like A Real Adult

Allie Patenaude

The system may legally view us as adults, but is there a college student out there who actually feels like one

It might seem like a small step, but having a cookbook can really make a difference in terms of feeling like you might have your life together after all (at least when it comes to cooking). 

This isn't just faking it till you make it. Keeping some cookbooks around gives you a daily dose of inspiration, and therefore you are way more likely to try your hand at cooking for yourself.  

Gives Your Cooking Journey Some Direction

Rebecca Buechler

As a necessary part of life, we are all on a journey towards finding our cooking style and improving upon our skills in the kitchen. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, call it quits, and order takeout.

Cook books give you ideas for new dishes to try and helps you figure out how to properly feed yourself rather than reaching for ramen every evening.

Learning to cook isn't just about knife skills and knowing what temperature to put the oven at. It's also about getting to know yourself a little better through your taste in food and building the confidence needed to get in the kitchen and make something awesome. Cookbooks can give you the encouraging push you need to get started.