After enjoying a lovely meal out with my father and brother, the waitress came to clear our plates and asked if we would like to see the dessert menu. Without even thinking twice, I responded, "Just a coffee for me." Only then was I hit with the fact that I may actually be becoming an adult. Kids don't order coffee after meals! So I decided to take a look at myself to see what else I do that is causing me to stray far from my childhood ways. Here are seven foolproof signs you may be an adult, or your well on your way.

Ordering coffee after a meal

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Christina Robinson

I really don't even like the taste of coffee. So why do I feel the need to drink it after dinner? Something about the warmth of a cup of coffee after a good meal is satisfying. It provides the sweetness of a dessert, but isn't as filling. Or maybe eating tires you out so much that you need an extra boost — that could also just be me, though.

Some specialists agree that eating a large meal will cause drowsiness. The more you eat, the more insulin is released in the body, which also means more serotonin and melatonin (two chemicals that make you sleepy) are released in the brain. So, you may want to think twice about skipping the dessert for coffee next time.

#SpoonTip: The more wholesome (and less processed) foods you eat (fruits, veggies, nuts, fish), the less serotonin will be released from your neurotransmitters.

Making sure to eat a well-balanced meal

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Christin Urso

I am unsure of when it became important to me to include a meat, grain, and vegetable in my meals. I used to be able to convince myself that Bagel Bites met all the necessary dietary requirements of a meal — bagel for starch, cheese for dairy, pepperoni for a little protein, and tomato sauce for my daily vegetable — I was all set.

I am now older (and slightly more wise) and have come to the realization that you are what you eat. You need to put good things in your body if you want to feel good! Eat a balanced diet. I promise it is worth it.

Being concerned about spending too much money at the bar

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Spoon University

I refuse to pay $10 for a mixed drink at a bar. It's essentially a glass of soda with probably less than a shot of alcohol in it. Nope. Drink before with your own cheaper alcohol if you must. I splurge on some things, and will at the liquor store, but I am extremely stingy when it comes to drinking out. I think this realization came to me when I left the bar one night with an $84 tab. No 8-hour work day pay is worth that one night. If you must, bring some nips in your purse to the bar. Then, just order a soda and pour your nips in — it's way cheaper.

#SpoonTip: Spoon U does not support binge drinking or any activities that will get you kicked out of the bar (like bringing your own alc). Drink responsibly, friends!

You wish it was still acceptable to eat Cosmic Brownies

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Nothing beats the feeling of opening your lunch box in middle school and finding one of these bad boys. Cosmic Brownies may have been the epitome of many childhoods, but the sad truth is these have pack a ton of preservatives and processed sugars. I'm sorry Little Debbie, but the time has come to say goodbye. As an adult, you're smarter than eating a two-bite brownie. If you're craving dessert, you can make something much more delicious, nutritious and equally awesome, like chocolate avocado mousse. 

You cook dinner for others

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Helena Lin

Adulting gets real when you cook meals for others because you want to. You're cooking capabilities are so complex that they can be shared with your friends. You believe your food tastes good, and are willing to make enough for more than one. Cooking can be therapeutic.

This also involves planning and buying groceries, two tasks that bring adulting to a whole new level. Watch out Trader Joe's, here I come.

You use coupons at the grocery store

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Coupons can be such a hassle. You have to cut them out, and bring them all the way to the store. Then you have to find the exact product and buy what the coupon is indicating. It never seemed like it was worth it, until you realize every dollar matters. Five coupons used is an extra order of fries at dinner tonight — think about what really matters. Coupons may be the answer.

You drink wine on a weeknight

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We have all been there — you have a long day at work, and sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and good movie is the only thing that will cheer you up right now. You don't drink to get drunk, but a glass of wine (or two) is good for the soul. Alcohol triggers endorphins, which in turn make you happy. So break out the bottle and your favorite movie — you now have a legitimate excuse for Wine Wednesdays.

Of course, adulting is so much more than drinking wine or eating a balanced diet. It's taking on more responsibility and learning to deal with it in a mature, organized, and often clever way. For example, if you really want a grilled cheese, instead of ordering one, you buy bread and cheese to make sandwiches for the whole week, for the same price. That, my friends, is #adulting.