College is not the healthiest time of anyone's life, and is often marked by cheap, convenient food. For most students, the train of takeout is broken up by home cooked meals, or at least something from the dining hall, a few times a week. But this week, I tried eating takeout every day.


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Okay, fine. My mom was in town, and we would've eaten out anyway. We had Wawa subs. The hot, greasy sandwiches hit the spot.


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Casey Hack

I haven't hit up my favorite Chinese place in a while. While they don't deliver, I can't resist the calling for house fried rice and an eggroll.


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Is it cheating that I get food at work? I think it counts since I still didn't cook. Pollo Tropical was my best option while working at the Reitz Union food court.


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I'll admit to being crushed when I learned the local hole-in-the-wall Cuban joint closes early on Tuesdays. So I settled for a burger place mainly populated by drunk partygoers. The fries were overpriced and underwhelming.


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McKenzie Islin

Honestly, I don't get sick of my Pollo Tropical order. The beans, rice, and chicken hold up in a protein-packed, pretty healthy option.


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Casey Hack

Today I really just wanted to cook something for myself. I hate wasting food though, so leftover Chinese it is. I'm pretty sure there's never any meat left when you reheat Chinese food.


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The last night of my takeout extravaganza was topped off with Taco Bell. It was cheap, and I had an easy time getting it while my boyfriend ordered a pizza —which I'm not a big fan of— for himself.

It was a bit of an adventure, trying to decide what I was in the mood for, and if I wanted to order enough to have leftovers. But by the end, my stomach was hurting and I wasn't feeling my best. Truthfully, I was very glad to end the takeout streak with something that resembled chicken parm. Takeout is good for the late night, when you haven't been home in twelve hours, or still have another three hours worth of work. But it isn't meant for day-to-day existence.