As we get older we face new obstacles in our lives. We are forced to realize that we are no longer babies, and that we have to start taking care of ourselves. We take for granted all of the small things that have been done for us our entire lives, really simple things like laundry, and home cooked meals.

I don’t know about all of you, but the first time I cooked a meal for myself I was excited, but terrified that if I messed it up I would be starved for days. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but some forget the magnitude of cooking your first meal all by yourself. This is what it feels like  cooking for yourself for the first time.

The Excitement

You finally realize that you will be able to have your own kitchen, so you spend the entire summer searching Pinterest and every blog that mentions something about food. You can't wait to make your very first meal entirely by yourself in your own kitchen. 

The Preparation 

Once you have found the meal, you decide to go grocery shopping to get all of the supplies you need. You have never done this on your own before, so you feel super accomplished and feel like the epitome of adulting. 

The Scheduling

Now that you have all of the ingredients and supplies you need, you have to find the time to make this fabulous meal. You're tired of eating pre-bagged lettuce and food from the Stag, you want a real meal. 

The Actual Cooking  

It's finally the night. All of your preparation has come to this moment. You have got this. It will be the best meal you have EVER had.

The "Oh No" Moment 

Everything was going perfectly, until you realized that you only needed one teaspoon of salt instead of a tablespoon. It's okay, remain calm. You can still salvage this meal. 

The Meal Turns Out Amazing 

All of your hard work actually pays off and the food tastes amazing. Even your roommate, the pickiest eater you know, likes it. You know that you must have done something right.  

The Thinking You're the Next Rachel Ray Syndrome 

All of these compliments are going to your head. Maybe you should calm down and just enjoy the food. You're not ready to have your own talk show and have your name plastered all over ABC.  

The Enthusiasm You Have For Making Your Next Meal  

You have already offered to cook dinner for all of your friends and roommates. You want to cook every night and try every recipe in the history of mankind. 

Without going through these stages you would have never made such an incredible meal. Need not worry, the more and more you cook, the easier it gets.