Across the web there are countless resources for all things food. One resource I find myself using if I'm not on Spoon, is YouTube. YouTube cooking videos are like having a best friend teach you to make something deliciously different. Any of these three channels will be a great tool for those seeking to diversify their cooking skills, learn some fun food facts, or if you already love YouTube and want some fresh subscriptions.

1. The Sweetest Vegan

meat, hamburger, sandwich, cheese, tomato, bread
Khadijah Jacobs

The Sweetest Vegan is a great source for unique, appetizing recipes for fellow vegans as well as anyone trying to eat healthier on a budget. This YouTuber embraces unity by inspiring everyone on any budget to make healthier choices. Tasha offers ten YouTube cooking videos dedicated to vegan style McDonald's items. If you are transitioning into a meat-free diet but having trouble saying goodbye to all your favorite fast food joints, this might be your next YouTube subscription. 

2. Divas Can Cook

cake, chocolate
Khadijah Jacobs

Divas Can Cook is one of the most entertaining YouTube cooking channels I've discovered. Inspired by Southern-style home cooked meals, this channel offers a variety of easy-to-make delicious food that will remind you of grandma's cooking. In addition, the talk-through style of her tutorials makes watching her videos fun and personable. Monique also offers unique recipes that are great for celebrating a night with friends or to impress family.

3. TJ Davidson

pork, chicken
Khadijah Jacobs

TJ Davidson is one of the first YouTube cooking channels that I came across in the online cooking universe. Although he switched from cooking to making tech reviews, (he has a video all about why) many of his meal creations are still online. The recipes still available will surely entice your appetite and motivate your inner chef. They are modern, easy to make, and moderately healthy.

YouTube is filled with videos on every topic you can imagine, and these chefs can help you diversify your cooking skills without paying for an expensive gourmet class.